Former Evelyn Hone lecturer gives Kabimba five days ultimatum to apologise

The Hon. Minister of Justice

Ministry of Justice


20th May 2013

Dear Sir,

Re: Your Response to the Zambia 2012 Human Rights Reports –Case of Clayson Hamasaka

I read your response addressed to the America Ambassador in the media, on the above subject, with great shock especially the part that involves my dismissal from employment at EvelynHoneCollege where I was Head of Media Studies Department and Station Manager for Hone FM.

There is a part in the report where it cites my name as a victim of dismissal by your government as one case of violation of freedom of speech and press. The report says I was dismissed from the college after featuring opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema on the radio station.

In your response, you said and I quote; “it is not true that Mr. Clayson Hamasaka was dismissed from employment on account of featuring an opposition party leader on a radio programme. He was dismissed after complaints of victimisation from members of staff who did not belong to his political party (UPND)”.

Mr. Minister sir, I found this statement utterly shocking, very malicious, scandalous and damaging to my image and reputation as a young professional who served my country diligently for more than 16 years at the college without any documented case of inappropriate behaviour on my part.

As someone heading a very sensitive and key ministry that dispenses justice, you would have done better to get correct information on what transpired regarding my case and possibly familiarised yourself with the available disciplinary processes at the institution in the case where a member of staff or indeed student is found wanting as you allege.

Mr. Minister sir, unless there is something I was not privy to, at no time was I subjected to any disciplinary hearing of any kind during my more than 16 years of service at the institution, as would have been the case if I had committed such a serious case of victimising any member of staff or indeed students, and my staff files and former workmates and associates are there to attest to this fact.

It is actually regrettable that you have also decided to maliciously and falsely drag my former workmates with whom I had and still enjoy a wonderful relationship with in this manner.

And in case you were not informed Mr. Minister sir, my dear wife was also dismissed from her government work place exactly one week after my dismissal for no reason at all, at least, going by letter of contract termination. If indeed I was dismissed for victimising my fellow employees for holding different opinions to mine, would you honestly say she was also committing the same offence at her work place? And if she were dismissed over my ‘sins’ at the college, would it not have been a case of high-level victimisation of a young lady by your government to mete out such an unprecedented and grievous punishment on her over my deeds.

Hon. Minister sir, as a family we have so far suffered great humiliation and gone through a traumatising experience at the hands of our own elected government and any acts that perpetuates our psychological and emotional suffering further inflicts more pain to the already troubled family with young kids to look after.

By your portrayal and allegations against our family, as people who are highly intolerant, you are further alienating us from society, international community and subsequently to would be employers.

As you have so far noticed, despite several provocations and attempts to drag our names into partisan politics, we have deliberately decided to remain and suffer in silence almost one year since my wife and I were dismissed from employment by your government.

It is now my prayer and humble appeal that you search your heart and correct the misleading impression created through an appropriate apology to all the parties involved for the sake of integrity and credibility on the part of government, especially that your response was addressed to the international community.

I give you five working days to apologise failure to which I reserve the right to seek legal redress against you personally for maligning my name to the whole world, especially that your response has been widely publicised in one of the leading newspapers in the country (Post newspaper Saturday May 18, 2013 and Monday, 20May 20, 2013.

Yours faithfully,

Clayson Hamasaka

CC: American Ambassador 


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