Nkrumah students denounce subsidies removal

Nkrumah University students in Kabwe have denounced government’s decision to remove subsidies from maize and fuel as an anti-poor policy and many of them fear that they will not finish their courses.

And a check by the Daily Nation has revealed that contrary to President Michael Sata’s pronouncements that Nkrumah was a fully fledged university, construction works initiated by the MMD government have stalled due to lack of funds and the institution has not employed a Vice Chancellor and Deputy Vice chancellor.

The students, who held a meeting with Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala in the main hall, accused the PF government of turning its back on the poor people on whose back they drove their campaign in the 2011 elections.

Mr Chishala tried in vain to explain that the decision was in good faith and aimed at helping the less privileged in society.

“What it has been like in the past 20 years or so is that government has been subsidizing fuel but how many people own vehicles, it is not fair that only a few people get government resources, hence the PF government’s decision to remove the subsidy so that the money can be channeled to other areas of need,” said the DC who is a teacher by profession.

Whenever Mr Chishala rose to stress a point, the students heckled and interrupted him as he begged for his chance to speak to the more than 200 students who packed the hall.

Cornelius Likomauzo, a third year civics/history blind student from Shangombo said it was not easy and feasible for the poor villagers in his remote area to benefit from government’s move.

“I come from Shangombo, remote as it is and there is poor infrastructure, for anyone to access goods they will be expensive due to the rising cost of fuel, therefore the poor will get poorer while the rich get richer,” said Likomauzo.

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