Opposition needs unity of purpose-Mtayachalo

The MMD on the Copperbelt has appealed to other opposition parties in the country to engage each other in good faith in order to defeat the ruling Patriotic Front in the forthcoming by elections.

Provincial publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo said the opposition should take advantage of the diminishing popularity of the PF because of its uncaring policies which had disadvantaged the ordinary people.Mr Mtayachalo said Zambians had realized that the ruling party was no longer a pro- poor government because its policies did not benefit Zambians.

He said that the MMD on the province was convinced that most Zambians had lost hope in the PF and administration of President Sata.

The opposition leader said it was only out of unity that the ruling party would be defeated by the opposition parties.

“The MMD is calling on board other opposition political parties to seize this window and shame the PF. The decision by the opposition parties to compete against each other will just give the ruling party an upper hand.

“The results of the Lukulu West and Kapiri Mposhi by elections should be a motivating factor for the opposition to work together. UPND won Lukulu west and the narrow defeat for UPND in Kapiri mposhi by elections is as a result of collaboration between the MMD and UPND and we are confident that had the playing field been levelled UPND should have carried the day in Kapiri,” he said.

Mr Mtayachalo said political parties could however test their popularity in 2016 but for now there was need for a united opposition.He said the electorates expected to take part in the forth coming by-elections in Luangwa, Chipata central, Mkushi North, Solwezi west and Kafulafuta should not give a second chance to ruling party.

And Mr Mtayacahlo said his party had also condemned the admission by PF that the ninety days promised to deliver their campaign promises to the Zambian people was just a political rhetoric.

He said the admission was a national scandal and in civilized world the government should have been asked to resign on moral grounds.

“This is the reason why Zambians feel the PF government is insincere in the reasons it has advantaged on the removal of subsidies. The people of Zambia should therefore give the MMD another chance to continue to build the country on the path prosperity and rapid economic growth,” he said.

The provincial leader said his party had learnt a lesson from the mistakes it made while in power and promised not to repeat them because experimenting new political parties could be retrogressive and catastrophic for the nation as was the case with the current regime.