Vigilante attacks

The abduction of Bowman Lusambo the MMD die hard leader by Patriotic Front machete/gunpoint wielding members is a very ugly development which this country must reject. Those involved must be brought to book and punished openly in order to serve as a deterrent against future incidents of this nature.

We should not allow abductions. We should not allow political intimidation using violence. We should not allow political hegemony by any one party because this will set a very bad precedence that will drive this country into anarchy.

Let political ideas flourish and compete in the market place than allow violence and violence and bloodshed to prevail.

We are a peaceful people  and if the PF leadership allows the growth and nurture of violence, they will stand to blame for the  eventual bloodshed that this country will suffer, they will stand to account.

The Patriotic Front has inherited a country renowned for its peaceful democracy and what is happening now is a clear danger to the future of this country.

The action by Patriotic Front (PF) cadres is totally intolerable and must be condemned by all law abiding citizens of this country.

The growing culture of intimidation, violence and coercion should not be allowed to grow and flourish in Zambia because a lot more people and the very future of the country stand imperiled.

It was unheard of but it happened yesterday. PF cadres abducted and for a time held MMD die hard Lusambo captive before he was recued by well wishers rather than the police who obviously were aware of what was happening but chose not to get involved.

Zambians should take note of what happened in Ivory Coast, Congo and other countries where sectarian groups were made to defeat the rule of law by subordinating the police and other law enforcement agencies to the dictates of the political functionaries.

Slowly but surely this country seems to be sinking into the village culture of the UNIP one party state.

The attack of MMD Nevers Mumba advance party by armed PF youths is totally intolerable as it represents a virtual break down of the rule of law. It is equally sad that the Police who should ensure the rule of law are increasingly becoming ineffective and hapless in the face of PF cadres who seem to enjoy political favour and support.

The situation is dangerous.

A multi party democracy is built on the essence of diversity of opinion. It should also be remembered that the PF is a minority Government which got into power with less than 50 percent support.

This means that more people voted against the PF than those who did. Therefore it follows that peace and harmony can only be achieved if the various ideas, ideal and political persuasions are brought into harmony than in conflict.

Unless President Sata issues instruction to reign in the growing intolerance of the PF youth wing in Lusaka, there will be more conflict and perhaps bloodshed in the near future.

We are also concerned that cadres are invading land in the environs of Lusaka, dispossessing titled land owners while the Police look on.

This is very dangerous precedence because land owners may be forced to take the law in their own hands and thereby promote further anarchy.

We thus appeal to the President and the Minister of Home Affairs including the Minister of Justice who is also PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to reign in the vigilante before the make the country ungovernable.

Those who do not support the PF are as entitled members of the Zambian society as those who are in Government. There is no reason for the opposition members to be considered as aliens because they are not. What happened in Lusaka yesterday should never be repeated. MMD die hard Lusambo was basically abducted at gun point and made to  support the removal of subsidies.

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  1. I am waiting to see the thugs pursued like any other ordinary Zambian? I am waiting to see Law Enforcing Agents pursue the these thieves. I want to see these thugs cautioned in the Courts of Law. Or else…

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