“Black Friday” enters week 2

The Black Friday campaign which was launched last week by 11 civil society organisations to signify the dark cloud hanging over the nation due to bad governance and dictatorial leadership today enters its second week today with FODEP director Mcdonald Chipenzi saying PF government lack direction in management of public resources.

Last week a consortium of civil societies gave the PF government a seven day ultimatum in which to reverse the decision to scrap off subsidies on maize and fuel.

The Black Friday campaign will also be used to express displeasure at the increasing cost of living among the majority of citizens and the general poor state of governance in Zambia.

The CSOs demanded that subsides on fuel and maize be brought back within 7 days failure to which they would conduct countrywide demonstrations to force the PF government rescind its decision.

Mr Chipenzi said the PF government lacked proper direction in the management of public affairs, and that was why the CSOs decided to show their grevievances.

He said the people of Zambia were tired of false promises and said the CSOs were concerned with the ever increasing prices of essential commodities in the country.

The CSOs said the ever increasing prices of essential commodities in the country were a source of worry and needed to be addressed adequately for the benefit of Zambian people.

The consortium said that no amount of the removal of subsidies on fuel and agricultural commodities would reduce the suffering of many Zambians, adding that the action by government had now created challenges in many people’s lives.

The consortium said that Zambia had become a non-competitive country in the region, saying that the people of Zambia should expect industries to grind to a halt.

Mr Chipenzi indicated that a repeat of old days of commodity shortages and protests was looming in Zambia, adding that government’s recent decision to unilaterally remove subsidies on fuel and agricultural products had sparked commodity prices to ‘skyrocket’ including transport costs.