PF should demonstrate spirit of sacrifice

The PF leadership should demonstrate a spirit of sacrifice instead of amassing wealth at the expense of struggling tax payers, says political analyst Nason Msoni.

Mr Msoni said it would be difficult for PF government to convince the Zambian people to sacrifice because it was evident that President Michael Sata was not ready to trim his bloated Cabinet and reduce their emoluments.

He bemoaned the induced by-elections which he said contradicted the very essence of sacrifice adding that it was one of the difficult parts where President Sata’s message about sacrificing appeared to be very porous.

He said the message was undoubtedly a tough one given the timing and their overall conduct as a government that seemed to live luxuriously at the expense of the suffering majority.

“This sacrifice would only be possible if the leadership led by example in order for people to believe that this government meant well.” He said.

He said the terrible and inhumane removal of subsidies had invariably consigned the poor masses to untold misery and suffering with no option for a safety net.

“Given the prevailing political and economical circumstances, there is very little that can be done to assist our suffering masses as the characters at the helm of government continues to abuse the Zambian public until 2016,” he said.

The political analyst wondered whether the PF leaders had misunderstood the concept of why people formed governments.

He said Governments were not formed to look after the individuals who ultimately form it, but formed for the people who elected it to perform the functions of a state.

“Individuals who form governments are servants and not masters for God’s sake.” he said

Mr Msoni said this was difficult for individuals that lacked mechanism of improving the economical status of the state and put partisan interests.

“We are stuck in the mud; the PF government clearly lacks capacity to continue to govern the country given the shambolic and chaos obtaining in the management style of President Sata and his friends.

They don’t take advice and don’t seem to care or listen to the cries of our suffering masses. It’s all about by-elections and appointments and short changed transfers of permanent secretaries,” he said.