UNZA retirees protest

Nearly 20 university of Zambia retirees yesterday invaded and demarcated land behind the sports centre to protest the delay in processing their benefits.

The retirees many of them who were retired 10 years ago complained that there were being discriminated against in the awards of funds provided by government to the university.

They complained that houses had been sold without considering them and that government subventions went to serving officers of the university without considering their plight.

“We have therefore decided to take over and occupy this land which has remained vacant for many years because we certainly have a use of it unlike the university which has kept it fallow.”

But university officials have warned the retirees that their actions were illegal and not sustainable by law.

Their benefits, the official side would be paid to them once funds were made available by the government because the University did not generate its own funds and was totally reliant on government subventions.

The retirees who invaded the and were by yesterday busy measuring and demarcating the land preparing to build houses on the site, They warned police to keep away from the sit because the issue in contention was internal between the management and its retired staff.

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  1. The efficiency with which workers are repatriated after service should match with picking up of terminal entitlements

    1. there is no person at unza who retired 10 year ago and still not received their payment. the longest is about 5 year and they have remained on payroll.

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