Guy Scott advised to research his statements

Vice President Dr Guy Scott has been advised to research and think through statements before uttering them to avoid making unfortunate mistakes.
MMD director of communications Mr Lungu said it was unfortunate that the PF vice president could accuse the former ruling party MMD for a move on subsidies that his government had taken without caution.
He said it was a shame that the vice president had found gratification in accusing the MMD for the failed PF promises to the Zambian people.
The opposition leader explained that it was completely wrong for Dr Scott to drag MMD’s name in the things the PF was being blamed for because in the case of the subsidies the former ruling party did not remove them because there were measures that needed to be considered before embarking on them.
He said the PF leadership should take responsibility and put things straight on their own.
“There is something wrong with Guy Scott. Scott must realise by now that whatever he says contradicts what is obtaining on the ground.
“We really don’t understand why every time things backfire on the part of the PF they blame the MMD. We never removed any subsidy and for two years now since the PF came in power, it has done nothing but blame the MMD for its failures.
“The only thing that Dr Scott and his government have done is to make the economy deteriorate. This is all because of its poor policies and all the MMD is saying is that they need to go back to the drawing board,” Lungu said.
Mr Lungu said the former ruling party had not implemented the move to remove subsidies because government had a heart to serve the people of Zambia. Recently Dr Scott told the nation that his government had only implemented what the previous MMD had put in place.
He said the MMD had agreed to remove subsidies on fuel in 2010 but did not do so.