ICC good for Africa-Msoni

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has brought political sanity on the African continent and must be supported by all progressive democratic minds, says political analyst Nason Msoni
Mr Msoni said the world was now a global village and the question of jurisdiction did not arise because individuals that have committed atrocities under the veil of sovereignties must be held to account for their actions.
He said this in reaction to President Michael Sata’s statements that the ICC had no jurisdiction to handle the affairs of African countries.
Mr Msoni said the African Union (AU) should safeguard its interests jealously by keeping its cherished human values from being misused and abused by politicians trying to escape from accounting for their past misdeeds.
“Zambia stands shoulder-to-shoulder with nations that uphold human rights and democracy. As signatories to the various Conventions and Protocols on human rights we are resolved and committed to the founding Principles of the ICC at the Hague.
“Individuals that abuse state power to commit heinous mass murder of their people in pursuit of political office cannot be allowed to hide under the protection and guise of a continental body like the African Union.
He denied it was colonial hangover to demand that suspects be handed over to the ICC for possible prosecution.
Mr Msoni observed that African leaders exercise self-control because of the existence of the international court and that the levels of corruption and policy inconsistency on the African continent made it unsuitable to handle cases of mass murder committed by profile suspects.
“Instead of putting unnecessary spanners in the works of the ICC, African countries that see no wrong in the atrocities committed by those responsible for genocide should instead consider the plight of the victims.
“Politicians sending wrong signals to the world on the jurisdiction of the ICC should be ignored and dismissed as misguided politicians seeking cheap international publicity at the expense of justice for the victims,” Msoni said.