Kanyama riots is a wake up call

The Patriotic Front government’s continued failure to listen to the people has created anxiety among the citizens which has resulted in public protests and riots like the Kanyama incident that disrupted business and traffic flow on Mumbwa Road yesterday.
Chikondi Foundation director Bishop John Mambo said the PF government should take this as a warning of the brewing tension in the country in protest against their system of governance which has brought increased poverty among the people.
Bishop Mambo said the people of Kanyama were merely responding to the move to chase them out of  land they had lived on for a long time.
“The average Zambian has no job, no source of income whatsoever, and it is those people that feel the impact of the removal of subsidies. Government is watching and allowing them to be pushed out of their only source of livelihood. PF should stop experimenting with people’s lives,” Bishop Mambo said.
He explained that with the removal of subsidies, government has pushed the people’s patience against the wall and should be careful with the reactions from the citizens.
Bishop Mambo said the number of land disputes in the country was also a sign of the levels of insecurity among the people which President Michael Sata has failed to address as the Head of State.
“People are getting tired of begging, they are reacting to the systems at the Ministry of Lands and other related organs where corruption benefits those with money and the poor are ignored.
He charged that the removal of subsidies was affecting the unemployed and others who earn a living outside criminal acts like stealing, corruption and other vices which government has a duty to carefully plan to fight.
He said Zambians wanted a share of the country’s wealth, and land was the only asset which gives them a sense of belonging.
Bishop Mambo appealed to President Sata to hold a Press Conference to address issues on the ground instead of acting on the PF party concerns only.
“President Sata should address the Nation. He has failed to speak to the people and has failed to address the issues on the ground,” he charged.