LAZ on trial over Mutembo Nchito-Saunders

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is on trial over the conduct of Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mutembo Nchito and the association should not relent in ensuring that there was discipline among its members if it was to maintain the confidence of the people, Dante Sanders has charged.
Nchito last Friday snubbed LAZ when he failed to attend a disciplinary session following accusations of professional incompetence leveled against him by the chairman of the Parliamentary select committee that interviewed him for the position.
Nchito has also been accused of forging a Supreme Court Judgment by Justice Gregory Phiri.
Mr Saunders advised LAZ to expedite Mr Nchito’s case because it has become clear that serious allegations of national significance were being made  as the Parliamentary select committee  has accused Nchito of misleading and lying to them.
In additional, Mr saunders noted that Nchito walked out of a High Court session presided by Judge Nigel Mutuna contrary to legal etiquette.
He said the recent snubbing of the association by Mr Nchito was proof that the PF government had no respect for the rule of law.
Mr Saunders said Nchito should never have been given the opportunity to superintend over the justice system in the country. Mr Saunders told the Daily Nation that the PF under President Michael Sata has seen some senior members of government disregarding institutions of governance such as the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) with arrogance and impunity.
Mr Nchito was last Friday expected to appear before LAZ committee over charges of professional impropriety but the DPP conveniently stayed away without offering an apology.
Mr Saunders said that the DPP was a danger to the judiciary and the justice system of Zambia. Mr Saunders has warned that the PF regime was a danger to democracy and the country because the people in authority had no respect for institutions of good governance.
He said for the first time, Zambia has had a DPP whose professional image over the years had been extensively damaged by several scandals raging from forgery to deceit.  Mr Sunders said it was not surprising that Mr Nchito continued to exhibit the highest levels of arrogance and decided to snub LAZ.
It was not the first time he had disregarded institutions of good governance.
Mr Saunders said the PF government was looking for ways of creating acrimony in the country so that they could have an excuse of turning Zambia into one party state because some ministers within government have been advocating for such an undemocratic system of governance.

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  1. Next time another lawyer is summoned by this toothless committee, they will do well not to go there since there are no consequences for ignoring them . Nchito has demonstrated that lawlessness wins ….for now.

  2. Good to know, so our “learned” friends are not so learned after all! Amano chifyalilwa temuli wig….

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