Probe Justice Chibesakunda

There should be a tribunal to probe acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda for allegedly mishandling the affairs of the judiciary  in order to serve the interests of the appointing authority, says civil rights activist Brebner Changala.
Mr Changala said a tribunal was the best avenue to ascertain whether Justice Chibesakunda acted within the law on whether the Judge Lovemore Chikopa tribunal to probe the three suspended judges should go ahead or not.
He said the judgment by Justice Chibesakunda was highly unprofessional, incompetent and biased and was only there to serve the interest of the appointing authority.
Mr Changala said the tribunal to probe Justice Chibesakunda would give Zambians a clear picture of why she was appointed to act in that office by President Michael Sata.
He said the judiciary’s mandate was to rule on a particular case and not to give advice.
“The judiciary has never been an advisory body to any litigant. Its role and mandate is give conclusive and clear judgment based on points of law and fact, not guess work on the final determination of a given case.
“Justice Chibesakunda has totally destroyed the firm standing of the independence of our judiciary. She truly acted like a stock borer eating at the very stem of the judiciary.
She has no locus standi to be part of a decent and viable respectable justice system in this country,” he said.
Mr Changala said the tribunal would make the acting Chief Justice account for the indecent assault on the legal system of the country by delivering a highly suspicious, incoherent and controversial judgement that exposed the judiciary to manipulation by the executive.
The tribunal would also seek to know whether the judgment on the Chikopa Tribunal was coerced by the executive and whether Justice Chibesakunda had been hired for the sole purpose of defending the executive.
“Was this judgment coerced by the executive or has she been hired for the sole purpose to defend the executive? We want to know as citizens of this country. Does she qualify to hold that office and for how long is she allowed act as Chief Justice?
“Is she related to President Sata and is she fully convinced that the judgment she delivered is correct beyond any reasonable doubt or it was done as part of her contractual obligations to the President? Changala questioned.
He said these questions could only be answered and determined by the tribunal to probe her on such deeds which she so much seemed to admire by allowing other judges be subjected to a tribunal.