I will expose Sata -Fr Bwalya

Father Frank Bwalya has declared that he will expose President Michael Sata and his Patriotic Front (PF) so that the people of Zambia should have real change in the 2016 tripartite elections.

Fr. Bwalya who has just registered his political party; Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) has charged that President Sata was the main culprit in the governance failure and poor human rights record the country was experiencing because the Head of State had no respect for the rule of law.

Although President Sata was not above the law, his actions  showed that he had no respect for the law as he had breached the constitution countless times, the supreme law of the land which he had sworn to protect and defend.

Fr. Bwalya told the Daily Nation that he could not continue maintaining his relationship with a political party and government that he claimed was senselessly violating the rights and freedoms of citizens.

He said it was politically and diplomatically wrong for President Sata and his party to have continued using the state machinery to prevent former President Rupiah Banda from fulfilling his international engagements even when he was officially invited.

The PF government in March this year blocked Mr Banda from travelling to Kenya for the inauguration of Uhuru Kenyatta as the new President of that country even after the former Head of State was earlier in that country to monitor the elections.

Last week, the PF government yet again frustrated Mr Banda’s efforts to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the African Union (AU) Summit even after he had been officially invited to attend the meeting.

Fr Bwalya who strongly campaigned for President Sata and the PF in the September 20, 2011 elections said it had become unacceptable for him to continue associating with the PF and President Sata when the ruling party was violating fundamental human rights and freedoms with impunity.

He said the PF has continued blocking the opposition political parties from having public meetings adding that most of the things President Sata and his party promised the people have come to be understood to be ubufi.

The ABC president said he has realized that what the PF was doing was wrong and by principle, it was difficult for him to maintain the friendship with the ruling party.

Fr Bwalya who had his party registered yesterday said: “They say the presidency does not change somebody but reveals who that somebody is. The presidency has revealed that Mr Sata is a bad leader who may not even have the capacity to govern his own family. And now that our political party has been registered, we are going to expose the mediocrity of Mr Sata and the PF so that the people can have real change in 2016.”

The ABC leader said while the change of removing the MMD from power was successful, the real change that could have improved the people’s lives was not achieved because the only plan the ruling party had was to dislodge the former ruling party from government but had no plan on how to govern the country.

“Yes, we succeded in removing the MMD from government but the real change was not going to be about removing the former ruling party but what would happen thereafter. It has become clear that the PF had only a plan to remove MMD from power and no plan on how to govern the country,” Fr Bwalya said.

He said PF has become synonymous with violence stating that even their symbol of the clenched fist stood for violence and that the latest violent events have confirmed the character of the ruling party.

Fr Bwalya said he had convinced himself that there was no way he was going to change the style and character of the PF leadership and that the only option was for him to disassociate himself from the ruling party.

5 thoughts on “I will expose Sata -Fr Bwalya

  1. Bwalya you make me sick to the core, expose what you mad man. I hate people who think we backward or illiterate, who do you think can stand this rubbish of yours busy changing goalposts. Clown Bwalya say whatever you want to say and hear me really good, YOU WILL NEVER GO TO PLOT ONE, you got that. We are not voting for you period. Maybe those rich people who are turning you into a idiot will, but least you forget that we who live in poverty are over 80% and i am a part of them and you have nothing to show, you lost soul. A word of advise, you should turn your party into a kindergarten and teach the opposition the ABC’s. Otherwise you are a time waster no wonder you were chased by the Catholics.

  2. Fr. Bwalya, since you have regained your realisation now, what you need to do is to apologize to first and foremost to the people of Zambia those who did not endorse SATA for presidency and secondly to the opposition who you from whom you “stole” the vote by promoting the man you thought was presidential material.

  3. Is it permissible by the Catholic church for Mr Bwalya to continue calling himself Fr Bwalya considering his political role?

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