Recycled Politicians: Promoters of Failure and Animal Farm mentality in Zambia

Dear Editor,

Years back in some daily tabloid, I resolutely challenged the Youth to stop been used. Today I strongly stand firm on the very statement, we youth should not be shortsighted and be used.

I believe the Zambian youth still have a voice to challenge the wrong they see in a peaceful manner. Yes the Zambian Youth can make a change.

The challenge for the Zambian Youth is to change the mentality of the recycled politicians carrying on. With recycled politicians, where are we heading to?

I see Zambia as a nation embracing the mentality of wako ni wako mentality in a negative manner. We are tired of recycled politicians who are stomach oriented. We are tired of greedy politicians who are doing political prostitution.

We are tired of animal farm mentality.
We are tired of Recycled Politicians: Promoters of Failure and Animal Farm mentality in Zambia. “We are tired of these selfish bamwankole who feed and fatten themselves.

We are tired indeed with recycled failures. Indeed, we have seen true animal farm… Zambia ni pachalo pa animal farm…, kulibe va equality. Equality iliche baku vota. We are tired of been worthless after voting for them.”

We are tired of been tortured by recycled politicians.  Zambian Youth, are we going to tolerate greedy politicians who enjoy doing political prostitution? We are tired? This kind of democracy we are seeing in Zambia is diseased democracy.

By-elections have funds. Who funds these by-elections? Who is so irresponsible to fund by-elections which drain the national coffers, yet fail to fund the necessities of life, namely:  food, fuel, medicines, etc.?

Traveling within has become too expensive. Why fail to subsidize the food prizes and fuel and keep sponsoring greedy elections?
We the Zambian youth are tired of been lied to.

Not even these who are joining politics will honor what they claim they will fulfill. I personally have no time to vote for the equality that is preached to us during elections and leave the opposite.

I for one have evaluated that having or transplanting same sick-greedy politicians end up perpetuating the past failures and promoting animal farm mentality.  We are tired of recycled politicians.

This regime has failed to punish perpetuators of corruption. This Govt has shown very little political will in getting rid of the malignancy of corruption, nepotism and general incompetence in government.

Maybe I am the only one who is mad and if am called mad, I do accept. Is 90 Days not yet over? This Govt has specialized itself in sponsoring greedy by-elections among many, sending relatives overseas, silencing those who challenge them, arresting people minus sound reason, and calling those who challenge them mad. This is bulling democracy.

This is failure of democracy. This is an error of Power Failure.

“It’s time to stand for the truth. We the Zambian Youth cannot allow to be killed by irresponsible adults who are driven by greedy. We shall stand up and walk with our heads high and challenge the wrong we see in any government. We are not interested in political mileage; all we ask is that we have the basic needs that will not vitiate Zambia.”

Tembo M


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  1. Dear Editor,
    It would be nice to have articles that are well written grammatically. The level of english in this article leaves much to be desired. Please do not allow the message to be lost because it hasn’t been edited for grammatical errors. Your website is read by not only by Zambians, but also non Zambians across the world. You really should have basic standards for proof reading all articles before posting them. If you allow all writers to use the word “been” instead of “being” as this writer does, as well as local language/slang minus editorial translation you may scare away some of your readers.

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