UPND retains Kaoma Cnetral seat

The Patriotic Front (PF) has lost one of the 66 seats it petitioned in the courts of law preventing a by-election which could have cost the Zambian people billions of kwacha.

The Supreme Court yesterday upheld the High Court decision to throw out the petition by PF losing candidate for Kaoma Central Constituency Enock Maseka.

The PF has petitioned all the seats it lost in the 2011 General Elections-as a matter of party policy, a move which has been described as an abuse of power.

Discharging the petition, Supreme Court Judge Munyinda Wankie said Mr. Maseka had failed to prove allegations of character assassination which he claimed helped Mr. Antonio to win the election.

Judge Wankie ruled that the three grounds of petition were mainly based on allegations that Mr. Antonio had during campaigns said that Mr. Maseka was a serial killer.

He therefore supported the decision of the High Court to dismiss the election petition and declare Mr. Antonio duly elected Kaoma MP.

And Mr Antonio said he would concentrate on developing his constituency now that the Supreme Court has affirmed his election, adding that he knew the petition would be dismissed because its grounds were frivolous.

He said Mr Maseka had no basis for petitioning that election but merely wanted to frustrate the people of Kaoma who rejected him four times.

He urged his counterpart to accept the judgement and that the people of Kaoma had rejected Maseka.