ACC should probe Sampa

The apology by Matero MP Miles Sampa over the violence that characterised ‘Black Friday’ prayer meeting at BIGOCA church last Friday is an indication that the PF has accepted responsibility, says Reverend Pukuta Mwanza.
Rev Mwanza who is Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director said Mr Sampa should be investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for the “gift” he made to the same church where the incident occurred.
He said it was  clear that Mr Sampa was interfering in the investigations by the police and the law by donating to the same church where the assaults took place.
Rev Mwanza charged that what the area MP did was an act of corruption and the ACC must move in and probe the minister.
He said such irresponsible behaviour must be stopped by the PF which should have encouraged the police to go ahead with investigations and bring the culprits to book.
“This apology by the MP is a sign that he has accepted responsibility for that “thuggery” on the people that were praying over issues affecting the people of Zambia. As a church mother body we condemn the barbaric act and also condemn the MP for his behaviour.
“The ruling PF should have allowed police to investigate the matter without interference so that they could bring the culprits to book but by giving money to the church it is clear that they want to interfere with the process of the law,” Rev Mwanza said.
He said it was wrong for the Church also to have accepted the so called “gift” because the motive behind such a donation was not known.
“What is the moral behind the donation and why did Mr Sampa donate to the church now after the siege by the thugs? He should have waited or should have made the donation before all this happened. Is he trying to make the church silent on what happened?” he asked.
Rev Mwanza said it was only the courts which could determine the amount of money that needed to be paid to the church after accessing the damage.
He said the matter was reported to police and there should be no other means of going against the law because by so doing the thugs would continue to perpetuate their act.
The Reverend was reacting to reports that Mr Sampa had apologised to the church in Matero and given a gift to the church.