Hypocrisy at its worst

The thugs that organize assaults against opposition must know that President Michael Sata may end up at the Hague under the International Criminal Court(ICC) because those are being injured today are failing to find justice in Zambia.
The maimed UPND member now lying in bed will have every right to seek the President’s prosecution, because it was under his charge that thugs terrorized citizens with impunity as the Police, looked on, totally compromised and incapable of enforcing the law.
Equally our highly compromised and discredited criminal justice system in which our highest adjudication fora are now complicit do not inspire confidence.
These are the circumstances in which the global village represented by the ICC serves as a deterrent against impunity.
The Inspector General of Police Ms Stella Libongani is not doing the President a favour shielding wrong doers and arresting opposition at every conceivable misdemeanor possible.
A time will come when the victims of impunity will seek recourse to higher authority and at that time Mr. Sata will answer alone for the misdeeds of those who are presently failing to serve and defend the rule of law.
2016 is only three years away- the law will catch up with impunity.
Indeed it is the height of hypocrisy for the Lusaka Province Patriotic Front (PF) leadership to fein ignorance about the attack by their thugs who terrorized the BIGOCA church in Matero last black Friday.
The least they can do is hand over the names of all those who were involved, because we know some of them. Any enterprise involving 50 people from such places as   Mtendere Main market and Lilanda bus station among others can not remain secret.
Equally Mr. Miles Sampa who is area MP must come clean on this matter which was conducted with a precision that can only come from body builders who are given brand new pick axe handles bought by somebody who had a mission to attain.
We can forgive the acting President, perhaps just perhaps he was not aware of the sacrilege, but certainly not the Police whose crime intelligence must work with the national security system whose presence at the Matero fracas resulted in a damaged camera.
It is a mark of the highest cynicism for Lusaka Police to suggest that they were not aware of the event because they advised against a public march, to which the civil society organizations responded by holding an indoor meeting.
The Police were aware of the event just as they have always been aware of the various assaults and injuries to which they have turned a blind eye.
Only two weeks ago Bowman Lusambo, the MMD die hard leader was abducted and forced to make a statement in support of Government removal of subsidies against his conscience.
Under the laws of Zambia, Cap87 section 253 an abductor is described as “Any person who by force compels, or by any deceitful means induces, any person to go from any place, is said to abduct that person.”
The punishment for abduction is 10 years imprisonment.
Bowman Lusambo was abducted. Those who abducted him are well known. The weapons they used are equally known because witnesses from a Radio station are  available.
All those listening to the broadcast heard the abductors give instruction to Lusambo on what to say, we are all witnesses ready to testify.
Our appeal to Inspector General Stella Libongani is that instead of opening meaningless dockets against: people unknown” the Police must first bring to book all the PF thugs who assaulted opposition members in Lusaka, Mufumbwe, Kapiri Mposhi and now  at BIGOCA church.
We know for example who caused bodily injury to opposition Garry Nkombo and yet he continues to walk the streets of  Mongu.
Start from the known to the unknown then credibility will be restored.