‘Incompetent’ Libongani blasted

Police Inspector General Stella Libongani has show serious incompetence in her leadership following the failure by Police to arrest PF thugs who attack innocent Zambians, says Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali.
Mr Tayali said police had given ‘silent authorization’ to PF thugs to continue harassing citizens because none of them have been arrested for the violent activities since September 2011.
Mr. Tayali cited the recent abduction of die hard MMD youth coordinator Bowman Lusambo which event was covered by ZNBC as well as the incident at Kabwata following the foiled UPND public rally where PF thugs were filmed with steel chains, pangas, axe and pick handles.
He said Police at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross during the funeral of former First Mama Betty where cadres lined up in front of them brandished weapons of provocative nature and yet no police action has been taken.
“The IG should call for immediate investigations and prosecution of those thugs involved in church attack on Friday, they attacked a peaceful gathering, inside the Church building, that is unacceptable.
“What happened at the Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) in Matero should be at the top of her agenda,” Mr. Tayali said.
He explained that Police have enough evidence against the PF thugs who have been captured on television and newspaper photographs with hand weapons including pangas.
Mr. Tayali who survived Friday’s attacks at the same venue said Police have been quick to arrest people with alternative views from PF even without evidence, but have been reluctant to deal with the PF thugs despite overwhelming evidence at their disposal.
“Which PF thugs have ever been arrested? Brian Hapunda fired gunshots in the presence of many witnesses in Livingstone and Judge Ngoma are still running around freely without any action by Police,” he said.
He said Friday’s event was an obvious misdeed perpetrated by the PF thugs who did not run away, there were right there parading weapons and their pictures were on TV, but Police have failed to make any arrests.
Meanwhile Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) spokesperson Antonio Mwanza in his condemnation of the Friday’s attacks at BIGOCA accused the Zambia Police of promoting anarchy with their unprofessional conduct.
“If people can not even gather in a church to pray, where is this country are we going? Instead of protecting the people, the police seem to only interested in protecting thugs of the ruling party,”
He said no amount of violence or police brutality would restrain the people from denouncing government’s removal of subsidies on fuel and maize.
PF thugs on Friday attacked members of the public including Bishops Peter Ndlovu and John Mambo and several civil society movements who gathered to pray over the Black Friday campaign.