PF thugs warned

The PF must disband its militia that is causing violence because when the Zambian people respond, they will be total anarchy in the country, says MMD president Nevers Mumba.
Dr Mumba said the country could not survive the evil the PF was doing and that if it was not stopped now, Zambia was heading for doom.
He said the MMD would launch a collective and sustained response to the PF violence starting today
He said the action of PF thugs was inimical to the well being of the nation because it had the potential to cause civil strife in the country.
He said the attack at Matero’s Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) on sympathisers of the “Black Friday” campaigners was made by known PF cadres with full knowledge of PF leaders.
Dr Mumba said what happened at BIGOCA confirmed the reports of the presence of the PF militias in the country and that he was among the first victims when guns were pointed to his head.
He alleged that the act confirmed the way the PF wanted to lead the country because the BIGOCA violence was orchestrated by PF thugs with the full knowledge of President Sata and PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.
He said the confusion seen in Zambia was as a result of the evil spirit that moves with President Sata from the time of the Chawama riots.
“The PF have chosen an evil path to lead the country in a Christian nation. The church has in the past played vital role in uniting the nation when political leadership fails to guide the nation.
“President Sata is known for his violent character. What happened at BIGOCA is a repeat of what happened in Chawama. Unless this is put to  an end the opposition will form theirs and the victims will be innocent people in compounds.
“If this is what PF has chosen to do, it is unfortunate. We shall work with all people against this act, to form a resistance campaign against the PF. “Zambia has more Christians than any other grouping in the country. The PF have fallen in its own pit. The PF action explains the evil the country has experienced in the recent past for example the presence of the army worms, accidents, immorality,” he said.
Dr. Mumba warned that other political parties and citizens will start arming themselves if the PF militia continues to pounce on innocent citizens.
He said Zambians have refused to hear the PF messages on subsidy removal because they did not make sense at all.
He said the PF had exhibited the highest form of arrogance by sending ministers countrywide at tax payers’ money to go and explain subsidies.
He said the best they could have done was go to Parliament and allow MPs to fully debate the motion to remove or not to remove subsidies.
But Chikondi executive director Bishop John Mambo said that Zambians should arm themselves with a united voice in order to defeated the PF thugs.
Bishop Mambo said violence should not be encouraged as Zambia was a Christian nation and that the ruling party should put a stop to this. He instead said the PF should put his house in order and desist from violence activities.
“We should try by all means to discourage violence because vengeance belongs to God and it is not right the citizens should be fighting amongst themselves.
It is a wake call for all Zambians to stand up and challenge what is happening in the country,” he said.
Bishop Mambo said the party should not be defensive on actions that were being perpetuated by the party members band warned that there would be blood shed because a lot of people would be attacked.
He said the Church and the civil society should not allow this but should come up with one voice and challenge the behaviour of the militias.