Wages of perfidy

Ubufi bulaya nokubwela, one of the very few wise Bemba saying states.
The Bible adds that  by their fruits you shall know them meaning that “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
Indeed you can not cheat all the people all the time. Soon the bluff must be called, because a status gained from lies can not be sustained.
That is why Zambians are slowly waking up to the truth. It has taken more than 14 years to unravel but finally with the pain that every birth suffers, the truth is coming out.
Those who claimed to see specs in other people’s eyes actually have K18billion logs in their own.
They waxed lyrical, pontificated about corruption, foamed about integrity and went grey in the face about thieves they caught in the act.
Zambians cheered and believed the lies.
But the Bible says don’t be fooled into thinking the devil always appears in the form of ugliness, hideousness, vileness, and overt wickedness.  Though he is the instigator of sin, the destroyer of lives, the wrecker of homes, the great deceiver, the liar, and the Wicked One, many times he masquerades as an angel of light.
If the Devil says “I’m the Devil”, then he tells the truth, then he may not be the Devil. But if the Devil says “I am the Lord”, then you may not know he is the Devil. For if you believe in God, then you also believe in a Devil. The truth is in God, and the Devil is a deceiver. Everything good that God is and has done, the devil imitates with a counterfeit “look-a-like.”
The devil at best is only an imitator of the things of God. Whatever his “energy” is, it is surely not the glorious power of God!
They gave us a Government on the wing of extravagant promises. Zambians cheered and rejoiced.
The truth is finally coming home to roost- and roost with a vengeance.
In this very Christian nation God’s own house is no longer holy and sacred. Profanity has pervaded it. Only in Rwanda was the church desecrated in this manner.
Our Halls of Justice, the citadel of everything that should be upright, just, imbued with integrity and veracity have been visited by illegality and outright mendacity driven by intellectual thugs who have no sense of morality, let alone ethical propriety.
They would rather rape and plunder for their own benefit. Vile and illegal procedures are being entertained to the detriment of the entire nation all because those with power are held captive.
More is yet to come before it gets any better.
All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing Edmund Burke, a famous politician has said..
For far too long the good men in such areas as the legal fraternity such as the Law Association of Zambia have stood by intimidated by thieves and scoundrels that have held sway.
Burke  is credited for among many other things of maintaining a principled opposition in preventing abuses, either by the monarch or by specific factions within the government, which he said was responsible for discontent.
Burke noted that the  “king’s friends”, who constituted an alternative Cabinet  were the greatest danger to good governance and adherence to principled leadership.
How true.