Bemba chiefs stay put

The Bemba chiefs have maintained that they will not travel to Lusaka until President Sata formally invites them because he is the one that has issues to discuss.

And the chiefs have maintained that Mr Henry Sosala was the rightful heir to the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu throne.

The chiefs told the Daily Nation from Kasama that they were still waiting for the response from Mr Sata on the eight resolutions they made when the President unilaterally dethroned Mr Sosala as Senior Chief Mwamba.

They said they had just received a message from their area Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba that Mr Sata wanted to meet them but said they would wait for the formal invitation.

The chiefs also said that it was up to the president to formally call for a meeting because he was the one who had asked for it and not the Bemba chiefs.

They said it was unfortunate that Mr Sata had acted out of misinformation from people that did not understand how the chiefdom was run.

“We know the President acted out of misinformation but it was wrong for him to degazette Senior Chief Mwamba. This action by the president was not good as he appeared to be making decisions on behalf of the traditional leadership.

“The President should have first investigated before making such a decision and all these embarrassments would have been avoid.

They said they were aware that the President was back from his busy scheduled so that he can reflect on the resolution of the Bashilubemba.

“We won’t be swayed no matter what happens because we believe no one can dictate to us what should be done in our own house,” the chiefs said.

The chiefs also maintained that Senior Chief Mwamba was the only person that could take over the throne from the late Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.