Fr. Luonde rebukes PF thugs

Controversial Kitwe Anglican cleric Fr Richard Luonde says that the continued violence being perpetrated by the Patriotic Front (PF) thugs is making the ruling party unpopular.

Fr Luonde appealed to ruling party to begin arresting its thugs if it has to regain its popularity among the citizens.

The priest who has been a close allay of the ruling Patriotic Front but a strong critic of the opposition said while he was happy that Acting President Edgar Lungu had openly condemned the thugs, the image of the ruling party has been dented by the unprecedented violence since President Sata and his party ascended to power.

He said the PF government must not only condemn its thugs but take action to bring the culprits of violence to book.

Fr Luonde warned that if PF had any plans of ruling the country for more than one term, it must curb the violence that has rocked the nation at  public political meetings and now the Church.

He told the Daily Nation from Kitwe that there was a breakdown in the rule of law in the country because the police have not arrested and punished any of the perpetrators of barbaric behavior and that there was a general feeling that government was protecting the criminals.

Fr Luonde expressed disgust that the PF thugs could have the audacity of storming a Church and physically attack us the congregants without fearing of God.

He said the PF government was cursing itself by attacking people who had peacefully assembled in Church to pray for President Sata so that he could change his heart and revise the policy of abandoning subsidies.

“The violence the country has experienced is exactly what the PF condemned when they were in the opposition and now they must show Zambians that they abhor thuggery and barbaric behavior from their youths.

“The PF is becoming unpopular because people have seen that they are a violent party and if they have to regain the confidence from the people they must take action and arrest those people battering and maiming innocent Zambians,” Fr Luonde said.

He explained that he would never support any political party that condoned violence and that the PF must revise its attitude towards citizens because the people they were harassing without any reason would be needed in the 2016 elections.

And Fr Luonde has charged that the unending PF induced by-elections have turned Zambia into a circus where opposition political party Members of Parliament were leaving their parties purely on the grounds of greed.

He said while it was wrong for the PF to continue dangling political carrots to the MPs  from the opposition political parties, the defecting parliamentarians should have morals to reject such  jobs from President Sata.

“There is total confusion in Zambia because the MPs from the opposition seem to be scrambling for jobs in the PF and it would seem President Sata has unlimited employment opportunities for those in the opposition than those who are members of the ruling party.

“If there is a by-election in my constituency resulting from a defection, I would not vote because it is not right to continue voting for one candidate who is changing political parties every term,” Fr Luonde said.