‘Corrupt’ ACC failed to probe Wynter

Opposition UPND has given the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) a five days ultimatum to reopen investigations of corruption against Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba over his role in the awarding Trafigura, an International oil marketing company a contract to supply fuel to Zambia last year.

According to a letter to ACC Director General Roswin Wandi and signed by UPND deputy Secretary General Kachunga Simusamba, the party says it was not convinced that the awarding of tender to Trafigura was corruption free.

Mr. Simusamba said that the illusion of Mr. Kabimba’s impropriate should be ascertained by allowing or re-opening investigations into the corruption allegations against the minister.

“The illusion of Hon. Kabimba’s impropriate should be ascertained by investigating him as he is not an ordinary member of public or society. And as a political party we have noticed with dismay that under the current director general (ACC) Roswin Wandi, the professional fight against corruption has collapsed and the institution had become more corrupt than it was before.”

“Was the oil supply contract awarded to Trafigura and Mr. Kabimba’s company Midlands Oil Marketing Company part of your investigations and if the answer to the questions is yes why was the contract awarded to Trafigura which was not the most competitive among the 22 oil companies that bid for the supply of fuel?”

Mr. Simusamba also demanded that ACC explains why the team constituted to investigate the corruption against Mr. Kabimba found it normal for Mr. Kabimba to establish an oil marketing company soon after serving as chairman of the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).

“Mr. Kabimba is on record as having said that during the MMD regime Zambian motorists were to paying too much for petroleum products because of corrupt elements. The assumption is that after clearing with the corrupt MMD the prices of petroleum products would significantly go down.

“But alas we are now paying more than we did under the MMD. Can your investigations tell us who the current corrupt elements causing these high prices of fuel are?” We will leave us without any option but to seek judicial review in your conduct as ACC in the next five working days,” said Mr. Simusamba.