Land corruption fight earns Councillor arrest

Police in Chingola have detained Patriotic Front councillor Violet Mumba who exposed a massive land corruption scandal involving some senior party officials.
The Lulamba ward councillor was picked up on Friday at about 11:00 hours by Detective Chief Inspector in charge of fraud a Mr Lupiya, for unknown charges.
By Press time the officer had switched off his mobile phone and Ms. Mumba was to remain in detention up to Monday.
Police sources said that they were working under strict instructions from the superiors not to release Ms Mumba for fear that she might report the senior PF officials to the higher police command.
And her husband Mr Able Mwape confirmed the picking up of his wife to the Daily Nation yesterday saying she is detained at the police station without any charges.
Mr Mwape said that police officers failed to reveal the name of the complainant and could not charge her because they claimed that they were still investigating the matter.
PF councillors alleged that a senior PF official fabricated stories that Ms Mumba had been collecting money by false pretences after four people were organised to stage a demonstration against Ms Mumba in an attempt to implicate the whistle blower after the exposure of the land scam.
This was after the Daily Nation exposed the land scandal in which Mr Sichinga was implicated as one of the people that was dealing in illegal land allocation.
This led to the irregular and unilateral suspension of Ms. Mumba from the party in April by Chingola Constituency vice chairperson Felix Mulenga but the suspension has since been lifted.
Mr Mwape said those efforts by Chingola mayor Cuthbert Kalebaila, Deputy Mayor Titus Tembo and Chingola district officials to have his wife released on police bond failed as the arresting officer deliberately ‘disappeared’ from the police station.