Sampa’s donation stinks of corruption

Patriotic Front (PF) Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa’s apology and the donation of K20 million to the Bible Gospel Outreach Church in Africa (BIGOCA) stinks of corruption, Civil Society Organisations have charged.

The organisations have also said that Bishop Peter Ndhlovu should not have received the money.

Group spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi said Mr. Sampa should have instead given the money he donated to the thugs he sent to attack the church because they were so desperate for money.

Mr. Chipenzi said that leaders such as Mr. Sampa who is also Commerce and Trade Deputy Minister should carry social shame rather than create tactics of blackmail on the church.

“Bishop Ndhlovu should have not received the K20 million, Miles Sampa’s donation stinks of corruption and must be rejected. He should have given it to the thugs who looked more desperate and destitute than the church elders he claimed to have donated the money to. Leaders like Sampa should have social shame at least,” said Mr. Chipenzi.

And the consortium has expressed shock at the level of the breakdown of the rule of law under the leadership of President Michael Sata.

During a press briefing held at Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) secretariat yesterday Mr. Chipenzi said that the civil society was saddened by the breakdown of the rule of law under the PF government despite President Sata promising during his inauguration that he would govern the country with the rule of law.

Mr. Chipenzi said that the precedence the PF government was setting for the country was dangerous and would haunt them now and forever.

“We are saddened by the behavior of our fellow Zambians who fail to respect and appreciate divergent views to the point of disregarding the rule of law in this country. We note that there are Zambians who take pleasure in mutilating our constitution with impunity just because they hold or are closer to those with the instrument of power,” said Mr. Chipenzi.

He said that it was strange that to date Police had not yet arrested PF thugs that attacked worshipers in church last week.

Mr. Chipenzi said that it was worrying that Police had relegated its powers to the PF thugs who have  taken control of the system.

“But alas, Zambia police force has conveniently relegated their rightful and constitutional powers and authority to the Patriotic Front (PF) thugs (cadres). It seems for one to hold a successful meeting and get protection, one must first get a permit from the cadres and the police will not deny you one and will not disguise it under the pretext of security concern,” said Mr. Chipenzi who spoke on behalf of the church and other Civil Society organization.

Mr. Chipenzi wondered why police had not arrested PF thugs who attacked them in the church while holding prayers, “As we are speaking now, we are informed that some names including that of the drivers of the Canter that ferried the cadres were submitted to the police but they have not acted upon it because of the usual incompetence but more so because of the fear of losing their jobs.”

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