BRE fire induna for misconduct

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) in Western Province last week fired one of the Litunga’s trustees for planting a recorder from which he disseminated information.

Induna Mukubesa was believed to have been “stealing” information from the palace and spreading it outside.
According to reports obtaining from Mongu, the Induna has been fired and ordered to leave the palace immediately after it was discovered that there was a recorder that was placed under the Litunga’ s chair.

It was alleged that the Induna was suspected to have been used by relevant authorities to feed them with information surrounding the establishment as well as the meetings held at the palace.

The gadget was discovered in a meeting place after it fell from the Litunga’s chair (Lubona) and started ringing.
It was suspected that the recorder was the property of the office of the president (OP) used by the said Induna to get every information the Litunga was discussing with people visiting him.

The Induna was one of those promoted under the office of the Litunga at the Kuta and was the most trusted.
But internal sources alleged that the Induna was approached by the intelligence team to feed them with information and any other programmes for BRE.

But when contacted for comment, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) neither denied nor commented over the matter. The BRE representative told the Daily Nation that they were expected to have a meeting to find out the source of information.

“We cannot deny or comment over the matter, but not until we meet on Monday at the palace that is when we can feed you with more information, otherwise we cannot say much for now,” they said.

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