2013 PF budget has collapsed

The 2012/13 PF budget has collapsed due to governments reckless spending on unbudgeted expenditures such as the never ending by-election circus says FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza.

“President Kaunda built infrastructure such as universities, roads, hospitals and so on while maintaining subsidies on fuel, agriculture, health, and education. He did not tell us to stop eating because he needed money to build infrastructure,” he said.

He said  the ability to listen was a mark of good leadership, and the PF government would do well to listen to what the people on the ground whose lives were hurting due to the sudden and inhumane removal of subsidies on fuel and maize, were saying.

“However, these Ministers must humble themselves, and we as FDD shall not engage ourselves in the polemics of politics because it does not put food on the tables of citizens.  We stand ready to offer this government sound advice on how to effectively run the affairs of the nation,” he said.

Meanwhile Mr Mwanza said President Sata should urgently relook at the quality of some of his Ministers and Deputy Ministers because their intellectual limitation is not only laughable but a serious hindrance to national development.

He said the utterances by the Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President, Harry Kalaba that Ms Nawakwi lacked understanding of the issues of subsidies was laughable.

He said the PF government should stop playing with people’s lives, and that food was a number one priority for any serious government.

Mr Mwanza said that some PF officials lack basic understanding of the subject of subsidies and pose the danger of misleading themselves and confusing the general public.

“It is people like Mr Kalaba who have limited and warped understanding of national issues that are putting President Sata at odds with the public,” he said.

He alleged that the colossal sums of money that the PF government was spending, sending Ministers and their Deputies gallivanting across the country was wastage of tax payers’ money.

“That money should instead be taken to critical areas of our social sectors such as Ndola Central Hospital which has currently run out of medicines, and to other projects,” he said.