Judges should boycott Nchito-Mulusa

Zambians must demand the highest levels of integrity among their leaders and the Judiciary in particular must refuse to work with people who lack credence Solwezi Central Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa has said.

He said the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito should stop prosecuting former President Rupiah Banda because he undertook to recuse himself in the matter where he had interest.

“Mutembo told us that on account of his relationship with Zambian Airways he would recuse himself from matters concerning the former President, he also told us that he would recuse himself from matters dealing with Finance Bank Chairman Dr. Rajan to whom Zambian Airways owed US$4million.” he said.

“To our surprise he has not only gone on to prosecute Mr. Banda but has given Dr. Mahtani two nolle Prosequi, and yet these are matters in which he is personally involved.” he said.

And Mr Mulusa has announced that opposition political parties MPs would soon embark on a campaign among the lawyers and judges to start boycotting court proceedings in protest against the continued stay of Mutembo Nchito as the country’s Director of Public Prosecutions because his integrity has been damaged.

And Mr. Mulusa has charged that the country was being led by a group of reckless people and President Sata should never be the standard measure of leadership because his entire political life has been anchored on deceit, vindictiveness and hegemony, Solwezi Central MMD Member of Parliament Lucky Mulusa has observed.

Mr Mulusa said President Sata was leading the country into a deep ditch of political oblivion because the head of state and his cabinet have been conducting national issues in an extremely haphazard manner.

He said the PF government had no vision and plan for the country and that was why the president and his ministers were making wild and different policy statements each time they were talking to the nation.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix Integrity in Leadership programme, Mr Mulusa said Mr Sata should never have become president of Zambia because the man’s political history was of deceit and manipulation and has hurt many people politically.

He said it was unfortunate that people who have committed some of the worst and heinous crimes in the country were now in leadership.

“Today, I would commit the worst crime in this country and ten years later, I would become president and the people would even start worshiping me. Mr Sata should not have become president of this country because he is not a standard measure of leadership. His political life has been anchored on lies and deceit. He lied that Dr Kenneth Kaunda was hiding arms at his Sindamisale farm just after the MMD got into power. He victimized and hounded out many senior MMD members when he was campaigning for the third term,” Mr Mulusa said.

And Mr Mulusa has disclosed that he would soon launch a campaign among lawyers and judges for Mr Nchito to step down for having lied to the Parliamentary select committee when he was being screened for the job of DPP.

Mr Mulusa wondered why the lawyers and the judges were tolerating Mr Nchito whose reputation has been extensively damaged by his professional misconduct both as a lawyer and now as the DPP. He said High Court and Supreme Court Judges should have gone on strike in protest against Mr Nchito for presiding over cases where he had direct interest.

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  1. Let LAZ instruct Lawyers to boycott court appearances until Nchito goes.
    Let the entire judiciary just refuse to work with Nchito. He ‘s unscrupulous.

  2. If only we had a few more of the Mr Mulusa caliber. Soldier on brother your crusade will be rewarded

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