Opposition charges that “Zambia is broke”

The Patriotic Front (PF) government is broke having overrun  the budget and is now  in danger of financing some of its unplanned programmes using donor funds and that is why they have decided to suddenly abandon subsidies on maize and fuel, says MMD director of communications Muhabi Lungu.

Mr Lungu said the removal of subsidies by the government will affect the poor and vulnerable citizens who should sacrifice for the benefit of a bloated cabinet and emulomentss for other senior government officials,

He said no amount of propaganda and lying would make Zambians buy the unpopular decisions government had made because it made no sense for leaders to be loosening their belts while at the same time asking the poor to tighten theirs.

Mr Lungu said it was not right for government to ask citizens to sacrifice when President Sata and his ministers have had their salaries more than doubled in less than two years.

He said government has announced that it will support 900 000 small-scale farmers under the Farmer Support Input Programme (FISP) without stating as to whether it was reversing the removal of subsidies.

“Let government not  delude Zambians by attempting to reverse its decision to quietly remove subsidies. Minister of Information and Broadcasting services Kennedy Sakeni has announced that government will support 900 000 small-scale farmers and we do not know whether they are reversing the decision to remove subsidies.

Mr Lungu who also featured on Radio Phoenix Let the people talk programme yesterday said Zambians should have assessed President Michael Sata before putting him into office instead of merely looking for change.

He said it was not surprising that President Sata has become the first Zambian leader to have failed to address the nation through a Press conference and had been delegating his executive decisions to his ministers who have often times misrepresented him.  Mr Lungu has asked Mr Sata to come out of his hiding and address the citizens through a Press conference.Mr Lungu has charged that the PF government had completely failed the people and that Zambians were ready to turn back to the MMD because they believed it was the party of hope and the future.

He said the PF had ruthlessly criticized President Banda’s foreign  trips and that he was earning a huge salary but when Mr Sata assumed the presidency, the first thing he did was to double his salary and that of his ministers.

Mr Lungu has charged that the PF government was in a confused state because it formed government without a plan of how it was going to govern and were now conducting national affairs in a much disorganized manner.

“Mr Sata was not well assessed when Zambians voted for him as president and they are now regretting that they voted for the change merely for the sake of it. They are a government that is in a confused state because they do not know whether they are socialists, communists or capitalists.”They do not know whether they believe in Christianity or Satanism,” Mr Lungu said. And Mr Lungu has called on business houses, public institutions to start advertising in the Daily Nation because it was the only newspaper that was providing an alternative voice.

Mr Lungu said government should consider advertising in the Daily Nation because it had become a major news outlet.

Mr Lungu said the Daily Nation was trying hard to fill the void and people should have the courage to advertise in the newspaper.