PF after my blood -Fr. Bwalya

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) leadership and their thugs are thirsty for blood and will brutalize any citizen criticizing them because they know that President Sata condones violence, Agenda for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has warned.

Drunk Kitwe Patriotic Front (PF) thugs yesterday attacked ABZ’s Father Bwalya and his entourage when he featured on a local radio station where he went to discuss the current political and economic situation in the country.

The thugs who have been “baying for Fr Bwalya’s blood” since he left his lucrative job at Zesco for politics and has been denouncing President Sata and his style of governing the country yesterday waylaid the ABZ president at Flava FM Radio and physically attacked him and his brother Osward Banda and other colleagues.

Fr Bwalya who went to the Copperbelt early this week told the Daily Nation that he had information about some thugs that had been hired to attack him at the Ndola’s Levy Mwanawasa Stadium when Zambia was playing Lesotho for the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

The PF thugs among them a man only identified as Bruno arrived at Flava Radio station earlier than Fr Bwalya in readiness to mess up the opposition political leader and made sure he was physically abused by pouring chibuku opaque beer on him.

Fr Bwalya who confirmed the attack to the Daily Nation said that on Monday, acting on information he had received he had gone to Kitwe Central Police and informed the Officer In-charge that there were some PF thugs who had been hired to attack him for planning to feature on a local radio station.

The opposition leader said the police officer to whom he had reported the planned attack plainly told him that there was nothing he could do about the situation.

Fr Bwalya charged that the PF thugs were thirsty for blood and that they would continue attacking opposition political party leaders because they knew that President Sata was condoning violence.

He said he had been alerted by some of his friends within the PF that some thugs had been hired to attack him and that he was to be careful because the hooligans were ready to spill his blood.

“We have been attacked by PF thugs and I am at the police station right now. I had gone to Flava FM radio where I was expected to feature on a radio programme but when we got there, we found three PF thugs among them a man called Bruno,

“One of the cadres confronted me and poured chibuku on me. We knew about their intentions because my friends in the PF alerted me that I would be attacked. On Monday, I went to Kitwe Central Police and reported that I had information that some people were planning to attack me but the officer in-charge said there was nothing he could do about it,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya explained that one of his colleagues was violently dragged out of the radio station but he managed to pull him back into the radio station.

He said President Sata should be ready to face the law once he leaves power to explain to the country some of the heinous crimes being perpetrated by his party.

He said President Sata could have the pleasure of not caring about what the international community was saying about Zambia but that time would come when the International Criminal Court (ICC) would welcome him as its candidate.

When asked as to whether the attack had left him scared, Fr Bwalya responded: “I refuse to be intimidated and to be cowed into any form of submission. In fact, I went back to the radio station and continued with the programme.

“I know what I am up against. I was ready to die for campaigning against the PF and now I should not be scared after I have formed my own political party. I am ready to die for the suffering of people of Zambia under this government.”