PF government will collapse- Fr Bwalya

The Patriotic Front (PF) government could collapse anytime before the end of their term and the country could be forced to go for early elections because God is not happy with the bad governance by President Sata’s regime, Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has warned.

And ABZ has charged that Zambians should also forget about having an independent judiciary because President Sata was crushing the judiciary so that he could have a compliant bench.

Father Bwalya has stated that Zambia could have early elections not because the people would call and demand for them but that the early elections could be caused by natural calling.

Fr Bwalya said God was in-charge of the country and that he was not happy with the way his people were being governed by the Patriotic Front government with Mr Sata as the Head of State.

He said it was possible that the country could be heading for early elections because there was a lot of disenchantment among the citizens about how the nation was being governed which could lead to the collapse of the PF government.

Fr Bwalya said he was foreseeing a situation where the PF government would collapse and the country would be forced to hold early general elections long before 2016.

“I can see a situation where the Patriotic Front government can collapse and we can have early elections long before 2016. Having early elections will not come as a result of people calling for them. It will come naturally. It is possible that we can have early election because God is angry with how his people are being governed. God is in-charge and he is not happy how this government is running the affairs of the country,” Fr Bwalya said.

And Fr Bwalya has charged that as long as Mr Sata remained President of the country, Zambians should forget about an independent judiciary because the man did not believe in the separation of powers.

Fr Bwalya said the PF government was breeding lawlessness and anarchy by attempting to destroy the judiciary warning that no country would be able to run without an independent judiciary.

He explained that while  a country would run without a president and the legislature, it was not possible to do so without the judiciary because there would be lawlessness in the country.

He said the PF government has clearly shown that they have no respect for the rule of law by disobeying court orders adding this was a recipe for political anarchy.

Fr Bwalya has said that it was regrettable that the judiciary has been thrown into shambles by the PF government and that Zambia had become a laughing stock at the international community.

Fr Bwalya explained that the people who knew and interacted with Mr Sata when he was in the MMD have been saying that it was not possible to re-brand the man because he has always been a man with erratic characteristics.

“The people who interacted with Mr Sata when he was in the MMD warned us that the man could not be rebranded but we did not listen. Now, the judiciary is in shambles and we have become a laughing stock. He has been insisting that acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda should be confirmed when she does not qualify. As long as Mr Sata remains president, Zambians should forget about an independent judiciary and even the judges know this,” Fr Bwalya said.

He observed that the judiciary was the heart and lifeline of any country that should never be subjected to political pressure by the executive.

“The country can run without a president but you cannot have an ad hock judiciary. The judiciary is like the heart of a human being and if subjected to unnecessary pressure, you can suffer from a heart attack. At the rate things are going in the country, the judiciary can easily suffer a heart attack and that would mean anarchy in the country,” Fr Bwalya said.

One thought on “PF government will collapse- Fr Bwalya

  1. Zambia needs a Gallant Soldier. Yes, the current Zambia needs people who can soar through the Storms and help the dust settle right from the source. GOD WE CRY TO YOU, ANSWER OR WE PERISH!
    We must not allow Zambia to operate in the manner it does now. NO, We can not manage to continue seeing peace escaping from our Country and stay quiet. NO, We can not allow our Mother Land loose direction, walk away from its foundation and just watch. We need minds which shall restore the peace we have always enjoyed in our Country. We can not allow Zambia to be a Country for some and a Prison for others.
    Is this the democracy? Is this the Rule of Law? Is this the Humanism? Is this a free State? Zambia is not a Political Party, it is a State. Surely more than a Political Party! Why should we be governed by a Political Party? Why should a Party be more powerful than the State? There is something a common Zambian needs to understand, especially these hooligans terrorizing innocent people in the name of protecting the Ruling Government; Government belongs to all of us. I mean the President and the entire Cabinet belongs to us”Zambians.” No Political party can manage to put a President into Office. Most of the people who make it possible for the President to be ushered into Office are not even Politicians, they are patriotic Zambians who want to see the best out of their Country. People who know and understand Leadership even if they are not in Politics.So,claiming or possessing Leadership and pocketing it in a Political Party is evil and primitive. The Leadership of anytime has always belonged to Zambians irrespective of their Political Affiliation. This does not even mean there should be NO critics. Thinking that this Government should have no CRITICS is criminal and it immediately calls for review. “No critics, No Good Governance.” Zambia is Democratic and it needs divergent views where Governance is concerned without any fear of expression. We are free to defend our Mother Zambia from falling apart. So, “One Zambia, One Nation” as the old adage goes!

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