PF has fixed outcome of new constitution

The outcome of the new Constitution has already been predetermined by the PF government, says (UPND) Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo has said.

Mr Nkombo said that was the reason why PF has arrogantly told off the Oasis Forum over a Private Members Bill which it intends to sponsor to Parliament that it will not only be defeated but a sheer waste of time by the Forum.

Mr Nkombo said that it was arrogance and ignorance on the part of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to suggest that there was no need for the Oasis Forum to sponsor a Private Members Bill because one of the main functions of Parliament was to provide checks and balances on the executive.

He said already there were signs that the PF government was scheming to manipulate the contents of the Draft Constitution.

He said it was folly for Mr Kabimba to think that any motion that would be tabled before Parliament could easily be defeated by the arrogant MPs the PF has since acquired through rampant poaching from the opposition political parties.

Mr Nkombo said it was the duty of Parliament to check the executive if the aspirations of the people were not being met adding that if the there were concerns that the constitution making process was not protected, opposition MPs and those with interest of the people from PF were going to support the motion.

Mr Kabimba has been quoted in some media as having said  that there was no need for the Oasis Forum to sponsor a Private Members Bill that would seek to protect both the content and the process of the constitution making process.

The Mazabuka law maker said UPND was closely working with the Oasis Forum and would support the motion so that Zambians could get the constitution they have wanted over the years.

“It is a pity that Mr Kabimba can expose his ignorance on the functions of Parliament and how it conducts its business. It is astonishing that the PF government has predetermined the results of the vote that would come after debating the Private Members Bill to be sponsored by the Oasis Forum.

” If Mr Kabimba thinks that his party will use the arrogance of numbers in Parliament which they have acquired by poaching opposition MPs, then let him know that there are MPs from the ruling party who do not agree with everything government is doing,” Mr Nkombo said.

He said it was an insult on the electorate and the general citizenry for Mr Kabimba to insinuate that Zambians were gullible and that they must not question government’s decisions and actions.

Mr Nkombo said Mr Kabimba and the PF have forgotten that the Oasis Forum helped them win the 2011 elections and have now adopted an attitude of patronizing citizens.

He explained that when the Bill would be taken to Parliament, it will be debated extensively and the public will have to judge who would be sensible between the government and opposition members of Parliament.

Mr Nkombo said he personally had little confidence that the PF government would listen to the people and deliver to them the constitution that would meet their aspirations and expectations.

He said apart from legislating, Parliament had the function of representing the electorate and the citizens adding that Mr Kabimba should stop thinking that he had the final say on national matters because he had no constituency he was representing.