PF thugs manhandle NAREP official

Suspected PF thugs yesterday manhandled a National Restoration Party (NAREP) official for painting the opposition party colours on a Ntemba situated on Great East Road in Lusaka.

NAREP head of administration David Kapoma who confirmed the incident to the Daily Nation said the behaviour of the PF thugs was outrageous and accused police of not being protective.

Mr Kapoma said it was not the first time PF thugs had attacked and harassed members of NAREP.

“Our member was abducted by the thugs who took him to Central Police Station. It was very disappointing that after the police realised that the PF thugs were wrong, they did not act professionally.

“The police were overpowered by the thugs who kept on making noise in the police station and threatening to beat up anyone they find writing NAREP logo on any shop or Ntemba,” he said.

NAREP has launched a nationwide painting exercise of its slogan on Ntembas and shops to have the presence of the party felt in all communities.

Mr Kapoma explained that the PF thugs were trying to frustrate innocent Zambians, a situation which he said was unfortunate.

“Not long ago, the PF thugs went to look for the NAREP candidate in Kaunga area in Feira for reasons known only to them.

“We are actually aware that they have been looking for our candidate and they have called him several times on his mobile issuing threats,” he said.

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  1. Ba opposition you are the majority in Zambia. Tiyenifye tukambe ukabaponona ba PF.Ba kamba ukutina

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