RB calls for unity

Zambians must bury their differences and unite for the greater interest of the country, says Former President Rupiah Banda.

Mr Banda said this in Chipata yesterday when he mingled with the locals who flocked to Modern Bazaar when word went round that he had entered the shop, forcing the owners to lock the doors.

When he came out from the shop Mr Banda found several residents camped outside and at that point he decided to address them.

“I am happy to see that you are still peaceful people. Peace and unity are some of the characteristics that define our nationhood.

“I want to encourage you to continue loving one another regardless of your political party affiliations. Most of all, seek no revenge against your perceived enemies from whichever party,” said the former head of State.

He further advised the residents to refrain from violence, as it was retrogressive to national development.

Mr Banda has spent this week in Chipata visiting relatives and checking farming activities at  his Chasimpha Farm on the Chipata-Mfuwe road.

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