Sata’s phone call riles LAZ

President Michael Sata’s “shocking” phone call to the Law Association of Zambia to castigate an official who sent a disciplinary summons to Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito has disappointed a civil rights activist Brebner Changala.

As a result of the phone call the official is reported to have fainted and was subsequently taken to Premium medical centre where she received treatment for blood pressure.

Mr Changala said it was unfortunate that Mr Sata could phone an institution functionary in defence of the DPP who was being summoned for a professional misconduct hearing.

Speaking in an interview Solwezi Central MP Lucky Mulusa revealed that Mr Sata personally called LAZ and castigated the lady on phone and told her that she had no right to summon Mutembo Nchito before LAZ.

Mr Changala said Mr Sata phoned LAZ because Mr Nchito told him about it.
“It high time the executive stopped defending those who are in the wrong within their camp and subject them to any disciplinary action that may arise anywhere.

“The executive can not interfere with the operations of LAZ because they have no mandate on that organisation. The executive must concentrate on so many promises other than attacking those that meant well for the development of this nation,” he said.

Mr Changala said that both the judiciary and the Zambia Police had vanished just as civil society “now they want to destroy LAZ so that they can do what they want.”

He reminded the executive that this arrogance and anarchy will not be tolerated for too long and that it had to be stopped because Zambians were not happy with what was going on.

“They are a product of a democratic process and they should bear in mind that Zambia was a democratic country. The judiciary is al ready useless because they have a person who is not qualified and because LAZ wants sanity they feel they can also tame it. What type of leadership is this where the President can even threaten individuals on phone,” Changala wondered.

Accoding to Mr Mulusa Mr Sata phoned the association on the day that the DPP was expected to appear before a disciplinary committee and castigated that a lady called Siphelile Mwila for summoning his DPP.
He said the lady got scared and fainted after the warning by the president and was later admitted at Premium Medical centre.

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  1. Mwebantu, who is Brebnar Changala please…. he is just someone who is feeding from Rupiah’s pockets! Leave Mutembo Nchito alone.

    1. @brebnar kwangala Are you insane? our democracy is under threat, it is the likes of you that are destroying our loving and peaceful country with your naive comments…shame on you

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