Waste of life

Where are we going as a nation with the wanton violence by state machinery including national service, police and indeed ruling party thugs.  Why have we lost respect for the sacred including life in pursuit of material, political and commercial benefit.

Indeed finally two lives have been lost over the land wrangle in Kampasa.  By all accounts Zambian National Service officer(ZNS) confronted so called squatters, demolishing houses and finally shooting two dead and leaving one with a bullet injury.

We have written about this and warned about this eventuality in the ever growing land wrangles especially in Lusaka where privileged people are able to summon and use state machinery to deprive and override the interest of Zambians many of them poor and therefore without access to power.  Even as we write in Lusaka West close to 300 family members are still sleeping  in the cold because the police demolished houses in land that the government has allocated to senior police officers disregarding entirely the rights of those that have been occupying the land for the last few years.

Elsewhere Patriotic Front thugs invade and demarcate land which is on title leaving the owners hapless and helpless. 

Where are we going as a nation?  Why should citizens be aliens, squatter and landless victims of violence by the state, where will this all end? 

Judge Phillip Musonda was wrong

Supreme court judge Phillip Musonda should have known what to expect  from his application to retire from the judiciary with full benefits.  That was totally unrealistic considering the people that are driving the tribunal who would want him hanged out and dried out using every means possible including known criminals and psychopaths who would not ordinarily deserve any day in any reasonable and legally constituted court.

If anything our suggestion to Judge Musonda would be to take the cue from government and immediately join his two colleagues who have commenced judicial review proceedings in Ndola.   In this way there is a fighting chance that the whole predetermined process can either be stopped or modified to ensure that a more just and equitable fora is developed.

It is not possible that his accusers who are also his judges will relent and allow him out of the snare unscathed and uninjured.  The aim is to inflict maximum damage that will ensure that he will never ever practice law in Zambia again.

Judge Musonda is not dealing with normal people.  These people are heartless, lack morality and do not have an aorta of humaneness.

We are sure that even the members of the tribunal will discover that it is not a mistake that the identity of the accusers is not disclosed and that the nature of the probe is global and limitless.  This certainly does not lend itself to a credible enquiry but that is what this whole scheme has been designed to be.  So much of this government is predictable.   The constitution making process for example was so pre-determined that many chose not to participate and the outcome now is telling.

Zambians must be on their guard and keep their wits about them because few are committed to national interest and the common good.  Far too many are satisfied with mediocrity and perfidy represented by politics of the stomach.