Draft Constitution a Don’t Kubeba-UPND

UPND Livingstone District spokesperson Neto Halwabala has charged that the decision by the Draft Technical Committee to ask for an extension of six months is uncalled for.

Mr. Neto Halwabala says that it is uncalled for because the PF and the Technical Committee told Zambians that the constitution would be ready within a specified period of time.

He says that it is surprising to learn that the same technical committee is now asking for an extension of six months which is against their promise.

Mr. Halwabala said in Livingstone that it appears that the technical committee has realized that the document they promised to give Zambians is below the people’s expectation.

“Knowing how unpredictable PF is, we know that they want to use the technical committee as a scape goat because the committee is their own product and the PF has been boasting of having followed the proceedings of the committee,” he said.

“For PF secretary general and also Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to say that they have rejected the proposal by the technical committee to extend for six month is a total lie. They are just trying to deceive the people of Zambia by pretending that they are trying to save money yet the committee is their product,” Mr. Halwabala.

He said that the PF and the Technical Committee have realized that people’s views have not been incorporated in the document and they want to use time as an excuse for their failure to give the people of Zambia a document that will stand a test of time.

“The committee will still insist that it was a rushed document that is why some fundamental issues were omitted, Zambians should reject this and that is why as UPND we have been urging the people of Zambia to have legal backing on the constitution review commission,” he said.

“We in UPND believe in the rule of law because the PF just handpicked people to sit on the technical committee which is unconstitutional in its own capacity. They want to do another DON’T KUBEBA on the people of Zambia.

“We need decency in leadership and I want to urge the people of Zambia to critically look at this issue very well because there are a lot of issues which we feel as UPND have not been resolved,” he said.

“The problem with lies is that when you lie, you will need another lie to cover the first lie and this is exactly what is happening to the PF government. And for them the lies have even reached the extent of a mountain that no lie can cover another,” Mr. Halwabala said.