Kabimba ignorant -Syakalima

Former Siavonga MP Douglas Syakalima has advised Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to exert his energies on issues that are affecting the Zambian people other than attacking the opposition political parties for denouncing dictatorship.

Mr Syakalima was reacting to a statement by Mr Kabimba who stated that the UPND and MMD had a colonial mentality and hired a foreign lawyer who initially said he was representing President Rupiah Banda and his son Henry but was now talking about subsidies in Zambia.

He said Mr Kabimba and the Patriotic Front should know that when the MMD was in power no opposition leader went out because there was no dictator ruling the country.

He charged that President Michael Sata was a dictator and the international community needed to know about his dictatorial tendencies.

The opposition leader said Mr Kabimba should not just say things that he did not fully understand but that he should weigh what his government was doing and what the former government did.

Mr Syakalima it was now evident that there was increased dictatorship and corruption in the PF administration than there was in the MMD government.

“Wynter Kabimba is not a clean man for him to be saying such things about the UPND and the MMD. Kabimba should instead tell the nation about what happened to the report on the ERB Commission of inquiry he chaired on fuel because up to now his report has never been produced and he went ahead to award a contract to his company Midlands energy to deal in the supply of fuel.

“His government under his influence went ahead to contract Trafigura to procure fuel for the country at a price twice higher then what the government would pay for. Isn’t that corruption? ” Syakalima said.

The special assistant to the UPND President said Mr Kabimba should explain to the people of Zambia why they country was selling fuel at a high price as as well as the high cost of food commodities, massive youth unemployment and the general sufferings of the Zambian people.

He said the Justice Minister should concentrate on finding a lasting solution to the many promises he made to the Zambian people. The opposition leader said it was such arrogance as being exhibited by Mr Kabimba that had made them fail to explain why the budget was crumbling in just six months.

He charged that all these things must be haunting the minister so much and that was why he had continued to make such statements without reasoning.

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