MP protests meeting regulations

Lubansenshi independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka said he was forced to flee his constituency after he was informed that he would be arrested by the police for touring some of the developmental programmes that were funded by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr Mucheleka said President Sata and the Patriotic Front have resorted to using the police to organize their party structures because of their growing unpopularity.

Mr Mucheleka said the PF had undermined Zambia’s democracy and the country was fast degenerating into lawlessness and chaos.

He said that for the first time in history of Zambia, the PF as a political party was using the police to organize its party and that people in his constituency were being forced and blackmailed to join the ruling party.

Mr Mucheleka said it was saddening that the PF had instructed the police to hound him out of his constituency when he had gone to tour some projects that were being funded by the Constituency Development Fund.

He said the police told him that he needed a permit from them and the Luwingu District Commissioner (DC) Mambwe Katontoka to tour some of the developmental programmes in his area.

“In this country, MPs have to get a permit to visit their constituencies and this is not democracy. People in my constituency are angry and I am working hard to refrain them from protesting against this government with its poor governance.  I was forced to leave my constituency by the police because they were uncomfortable that the people do not want the PF. The ruling party is now using the police to organize their party structures. President Sata has retarded democracy and the international community must seriously and strongly speak against these injustices,” Mr Mucheleka said.

Mr Mucheleka has warned that the PF was not going to last because the people have become angry with the way the country was being governed.

He said time had come for Zambians to rise and declare war against poor governance, dictatorship, intimidation, harassment and violence that was being perpetrated by President Sata and the PF.

He has called on the international community and human rights commissions to seriously and strongly speak against the abuses the PF government was committing against its own citizens.

Mr Mucheleka said the international community must begin to acknowledge that the political situation in Zambia was degenerating and that soon the country could be in flames because the ruling party was abusing its citizens with impunity.