Chinsali family explains impasse

The family of Holland Nkonde, the man whose death and burial in Chinsali District saw MMD president Nevers Mumba almost lynched by Patriotic Front (PF) thugs has dispelled speculations that government was involved in the funeral and burial arrangement of the late Mr Nkonde.

The family has said there was no assistance from government as opposed to assertions by Evelyn Kangwa, the Chinsali Distinct Commissioner (DC) who they accused of having attempted to drag the government into their family matters.

Family members, Robinson Nkonde and his brother Ken Nkonde have told the Daily Nation that it was not true that the Patriotic Front (PF) government had fully sponsored the funeral of their late father.

The two brothers said it was unacceptable for the District Commissioner to have decided to gain political mileage from the death and burial of their late father when she had ignored him when the man was sick and admitted to ChinsaliDistrictHospital.

The family said MMD president was allowed to speak at the funeral in his capacity as a Reverend and as a man who was close to the family.

The two brothers said they had blocked Ms Kangwa from delivering her speech because when the late Mr Kamfwa was in hospital, the DC ignored him and that it was going to hypocritical for her to begin to praise the late when she did not want to see him when he was alive.

They said: “The DC wanted to give a speech after the late Holland Nkonde was buried but she was stopped because we feared she was trying to make political capital out of the death of our father. She ignored him while he was admitted to ChinsaliHospital but when he died, she started spreading rumours that the PF government had sponsored the funeral. We did not get any help from government and we were not expecting any because we did not ask for it. It is unacceptable and mischievous for Ms Kangwa to peddle lies that government helped us.”

The brothers said it was unfortunate that the DC had decided to vent her anger on Dr Mumba who had done thing wrong by encouraging the family through his spiritual message that he delivered.

They said the DC had no right to force the family to allow her to address the mourners because she was not a family member.

The two Nkonde brothers said Ms Kangwa was stopped to address the mourners because there were fears that she was going to turn the funeral into a political event.

They said the family was disgusted that the DC was peddling lies that President Sata had chattered the plane that evacuated the late Mr Nkonde to Lusaka and the Zambia Air Force helicopter that was used to repatriate the remains of Mr Nkonde to Chinsali for burial.