Mulusa asks Sata to stop the violence/killing

This is an appeal to President Sata who is supposed to play the role of leader of the nation. I do know that he might not read the Watchdog, Daily Nation, or the Zambia Reports. But I am hopeful that someone close, someone with the freedom to say anything to him, will pass on this message. The message is that, Mr Sata needs to free himself from the clutches of evil that has held him captive for no apparent wrong Zambians may have committed against him.

Mr Sata, Zambians gave you a gift that has chances of one in fourteen million. The best you could have done is simply repay them with favour, kindness, and consideration. The beatings, harassments, intimidations and now the killings under your governance are a strange phenomenon to Zambians. We got our independence in a relatively none violent manner. We have lived relatively peacefully for close to fifty years until you came by. God loves us, where are you getting the courage to hate us and go against God’s people? Do you not know what happens to people who harm God’s people?

The strange thing is that you are supposed to be not only a leader of the nation, but a democracy role model to many as well. The hatred and the pain your government, your party, and your sympathisers are inflicting on innocent Zambians is too strange to comprehend. Where are we going Mr President? When you are gone, what will be your legacy? How will people regard anyone carrying the name Sata? Are you aware that the same people, who today are behind these atrocities, will be the same ones to denounce you soon? Where will this all end? Mr Sata, and anyone close to you, please reflect.

Remember that none of us is greater than the collective. Every single human being is just a simple person given a particular role to play. Depending on how you handle your role, you either find yourself a hero or villain. Who knew that Charles Taylor, Muammar Gadhafi, Sadam Hussein or even Hitler would end up the way they did? Who knew that Hitler’s men and women would spend the rest of their lives all over the world running away from justice? Today, the world is small and united. There is nowhere to run to Mr President.

You have made governance very difficult for everyone including MPs to participate in. You have discriminated against your own people and only made promises of development to only areas where you received the vote. You have discriminated against your own citizens in many other ways. You have turned democracy into a criterion for punishment. Mr Sata, why are you doing this to us Zambians? We gave you the task of Commander of the Armed Forces, not to massacre us, but to protect us using arms government buys /from/ using our hard earned money we pay as taxes.

The two killings and many injuries in Kampasa area, including the attacks on Mr Hichilema and his entourage make very sad reading. The people who have died were merely ensuring that they have a roof over their heads on land that belongs to them. Do you really care Mr President or don’t you know what is going on? Did you have to go campaigning after the killings? Did your minister and the DC have to go to Kampasa and cause more pain after the killings? Mr President, are you still the person Zambians gave the honour to preside over their affairs on September 20, 2011?

Mr President, we are not asking for too much. But is it possible that you can be kind to your people for just one day if being caring for just two days in a row is a challenge for you?

Lucky Mulusa, MP.

Solwezi Central,

June 2013