Combating impunity

The cold blooded murder of the Kampasa two, demands for immediate Government action to curb growing impunity.

We demand that Government shows seriousness and political resolve to combat lawlessness in which innocent citizens are being subjected to wanton and gratuitous violence that has now cost the loss of life and property at the hands of Police, ZNS and PF thugs- without any credible reaction from the President.

There is very little respect for the law, even among those that should be guardians of the law.

Perpetrators of violence must be brought to book as quickly as possible regardless of their party affiliation or place in society. We are surprised for example that Police will not even release the name of the ringleader of the group that attacked the BIGOCA church in Matero. They will not prosecute the Minister who injured opposition law maker Garry Nkombo; neither will they arrest the abductors of Bowman Lusambo.

It is unacceptable that Police are quick to arrest and prefer charges against opposition members who are usually kept in detention for long periods of time while PF members are never arrested and even where they are brought by complainants to a Police station, they are set free, and the complainants charged instead as was the case in Livingstone. This has eroded public confidence in the Police.

Those who perpetrate violence must be named and shamed as a deterrent and in order to protect the rest of society against indiscriminate and wanton violence perpetrated in the name of party affiliation.

It is equally disingenuous for the Patriotic Front to demand proof of membership of those arrested for violence. It is a well known fact that the PF has no membership cards and for good reason too. It can therefore be assumed that anybody without a party card is a member of the PF!

Many are those that have been arrested for violence but few have been prosecuted.

In the current massacre Government has undertaken to conduct an investigation into the circumstances that led to the fracas.

We find this totally untenable.

What is there to investigate?  We know that totally in the absence of a court order a senior ZNS issued the order to raid the villager with live ammunition. We also know that among the officers issued with ammunition, one or two discharged their guns giving rise to the fatal injuries suffered by the two dead men and serious injury suffered by the survivor.

The top  ZNS command, and by accountability their commander in chief have to be held responsible for this reckless use of firearms, which if allowed to go unpunished will not only set a bad precedence but will create serious disillusionment among the ordinary people.

It is particularly cynical and an abuse of African tradition that a Government Minister in the name of Ms. Sylvia Masebo could have gone to the funeral house to give political warnings. That was ill mannered and insensitive. The bereaved families are in moaning, they do not care who offers assistance provided it is given in good faith, sadly as it turned out, the thugs in Ms Masebo’s entourage did not only beat up opposition members but also harassed a journalist and  damaged  a camera belonging to MUVI TV.

This is not how civilized human beings behave.