Kampasa massacre: Commander in Chief accountable

The Commander in-Chief of the armed forces President Michael Sata should be held accountable for the massacre at Kampasa says a civil rights activist Brebner Changala.

Meanwhile Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo last night said that there is breakdown in law and order in land allocation in the country adding that unless government took steps to correct the situation, worse situations are yet to come.

She also condemned the use of live bullets to control crowds and said the loss of lives in Kampasa was regrettable and could have been avoided.

“The killing of the two residents of the area must be condemned by all peace loving Zambians” she said.

Ms Masebo was speaking on Muvi Television programme “The Assignment” last night.

Mr Changala said the President was to blame for the loss of life where two people were killed by some Zambia National Service officers in cold blood because he was in charge of the armed forces.

He said it was sad that such brutal killings and use of live ammunition on citizens could be taking place and the Commander in-Chief remains mute about such incidences.

The activist said in military discipline no army officer or any corporal could fire or indeed engage in a military attack without express authority from the Commander-in Chief because service men are highly disciplined.

“I once trained at Ndola Mushili Commando Training Centre. A lot of my contemporaries will remember our experience and discipline. If the Commander did not give this instruction to shoot, to kill over a piece of an abandoned land then God help me for this could be a sign of high level confusion in our governance system.  I therefore demand an explanation on this massacre from the top most command in the land,” he said.

Mr Changala said Zambians should not shift blame to anybody but take full responsibility for this irresponsible and criminal act by the PF government.

“For this incident to happen it was well planned from the top and ammunition drawn from the armoury with full authority from the command. The killers were under instruction to kill,” Changala demanded.

And Solwezi Central MP Lucky Mulusa says that Mr Sata needed to free himself from the clutches of evil that had held him captive.

Mr Mulusa said Mr Sata should repay the Zambians that gave him the gift to rule with favour, kindness and consideration.

“The beatings, harassments, intimidations and now the killings under your governance are a strange phenomenon to Zambians. We got our independence in a relatively non violent manner. We have lived relatively peacefully for close to fifty years until you came by. God loves us, where are you getting the courage to hate us and go against God’s people? Do you not know what happens to people who harm God’s people?” he said in an appeal to President Sata to stop the violence.

Mr Mulusa said the hatred and the pain the PF government was inflicting on innocent Zambians was too strange to comprehend and wondered what Mr. Sata’s legacy would be after he left office.

He warned Mr Sata that the people associating with him today would be the same people to denounce him soon.