PF will fall – Fr. Bwalya

Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) leader Fr. Frank Bwalya says there will be a big fallout in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) due to President Michael Sata’s poor leadership which has plunged the country into economic distress.

And Fr. Bwalya has bemoaned the high levels of unemployment and suffering that the people of Kabwe have continued to face inspite of delivering both parliamentary seats to the PF during the 2011 general elections.

“The challenge the country and the world in general is facing today requires innovative leadership but unfortunately the PF under Mr. Sata does not measure up to that task,” said Fr. Bwalya in an interview with the Daily Nation.

The opposition leader who was a strong ally of the PF described President Sata as a loud mouthed footballer who shouts for the ball and when given the ball, he traps it but does not know what to do with it.

“Mr. Sata is like a footballer who is in a good position and shouts loudly for the ball, when the ball is passed on to him, he traps it very nicely but does not know what to do with it, whether to shoot at goal or to pass it on to another player but ends up spoiling it, so this is why as ABZ we have come onto the scene so that we can get back the ball which the 14 million Zambians passed to Mr. Sata and then score so that the whole team becomes victorious,” he said.

He also said President Sata was a task leader who works under supervision, after achieving the task given, he must be removed from the situation otherwise he will start destroying the same task he fought for, as has been witnessed in the same freedom fighting he participated in and then started defeating it during Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s one party rule where he served in different port folios.

He also said president Sata served in the MMD which he helped found but destroyed at the height of the third term bid, and now the PF which rode on the back of the poor people and won the elections but Mr. Sata is busy destroying what they built.

“He is a task leader, so before he destroys what we fought therefore it is important that he is removed from the situation,” he said.

Fr. Bwalya said his party was against defections but anticipates a big fallout from the PF where most of the members are being drawn to the ABZ’s concept of ‘mass recruitment’. He also confirmed senior members of the PF openly complaining to him in confidence about President Sata’s poor leadership.

“There is going to be massive fallout in the PF because most of the ministers and senior members are not happy with Mr. Sata’s leadership, so as we are on a mass recruitment exercise, we are getting a bigger chunk from the PF,” he said.

Meanwhile the opposition leader has bemoaned the deplorable conditions the people of Kabwe have continued to face under the PF government even after delivering the two constituencies to the PF in 2011.

Fr. Bwalya also said that Mr. Sata did not win the 2011 elections but only President Rupiah Banda lost and added that people of Kabwe and other parts now had better alternatives in the ABZ, UPND, PP, ADD to mention but a few.

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  1. Abaisa kuya baya. Rise with us and give Zambia another taste. All we want to see is a better Zambia for all of us, especially the poor Zambians out there.

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