Break down of law and order

If reports are confirmed one taxi driver has been killed while other  have sustained serious injuries, some with Panga cuts in the head which required suturing  at the hands of thugs.

The development follows sporadic rioting which engulfed Lusaka yesterday when thugs joined police officers in manhandling Taxi drivers protesting the selective application of the law against them. This has been the major complaint by many Zambians- selective application of the law.

It is most unlikely that those responsible for the injuries inflicted on the drivers will ever be arrested for possible prosecution. This will not be strange it has become the trend as some people can do no wrong, while other appear destined to be faced by proverbial long arm of the law.

It is becoming increasingly clear that laws in this country are being applied selectively and often more harshly among those with little resources to defend themselves. Those with money and influence can get away with murder literary.

There is no explanation why three days after the cold blooded murder of un-armed villagers the names of those responsible for the massacre have not been revealed. Neither have charges been preferred for what is clearly an abuse of power and military weapons.

If the Matero BIGOCA incident is anything to go by then we can expect a massive cover up where Zambians will not know what has happened to those charged for invading and assaulting worshippers.

The Police will not name the ringleader who led the team to Matero. They will not disclose the name of the driver who drove the truck that transported the attackers. They will not say anything.

In essence there is nothing the media and indeed the ordinary Zambians can do. This matter will be buried in the hope that the Zambian people will forget the incident.

The same has happened to the people who abducted and assaulted Bowman Lusambo the MMD die hard leader. His assailants have not even been questioned.

It is against this background that we agree with Minister of Tourism and Art Sylvia Masebo that the rule of law has broken down in Zambia and that unless the Police act in an impartial and professional manner the outcome will be deleterious and against the interest of all Zambians including those in power.

That the rule of law has been effectively eroded is not a matter of debate.

The issue now is how best to stem the damage and turn the country back to normalcy where institutions of Government will work without fear, bias or favor.

As clearly articulated by Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo, the Police must arrest all wrong doers without discrimination, otherwise the lawlessness and disregard of the rule of law will deteriorate further to the great detriment of all.

Unless this happens our future is bleak.