It’s all lies – Prof Chirwa

Retired Zambia Railways (ZR) managing director Professor Clive Chirwa has rubbished media reports suggesting that he engaged in shady deals with a British company for the supply of rolling stocks so that he could earn personal gratification.

Prof Chirwa yesterday said that he was astonished to learn that the same people who perpetrated all previous lies about him were back at work to fabricate another empty case to cover up their lies against him.

He said it was clear that the only motive of the allegations was to drag him further into a new political saga and to tarnish his name in order to complicate his exist from ZR.

Prof Chirwa was reacting to a newspaper suggesting  that apart from engaging in illicit deals with a British firm for the supply of passengers coaches, he also wanted all contracts for items like coaches and wagons for goods trains negotiated by him alone after soliciting for gratification of 10 per cent.

In a statement Prof Chirwa denied ever having contacted a British company to promise them a contract to supply wagons and coaches because submitted tenders were evaluated by a group of ZR employees headed by a Mr Ernest Silwamba.

`The contract, according to ZPPA rules is supposed to have been concluded by the tender committee which is still considering the tenders. No decision has been made. Indeed considering me having solicited for 10 per cent gratification, I want to know which British company I spoke or write to, “ said Prof Chirwa.

On the allegations that he wanted to personally handle all contracts for the supply of rolling stocks, Prof Chirwa said it was impossible for the managing director alone to negotiate all the contracts without ZR tender committee and the government.

“I wish to reiterate that I did not at any time meet or state to any so called chief executives of the said companies who wanted to enter into business with ZRL. Neither were these fictitious people presented to the board members by me. Indeed, the public and myself would want to know who at the ACC gave such false information, ‘said Prof Chirwa.

He said his family had been injured and all he wanted was to be left alone to enjoy his rights as a citizen of Zambia and the world.

`My liberties have been curtailed, my right to earn a living has been violated, All because I answered a call from the President and Zambians to return from the diaspora and serve our country as a patriot, ‘he said

Prof Chirwa has warned that if the despicable allegations were not immediately withdrawn he would be left with no choice but take legal action against those tarnishing his name.

`My long standing professional integrity as a citizen of the international scientific community has been soiled. In order to preserve my reputation I am ready to be presented with the evidence that the media house and its informants have. In view of these allegations I am appealing to the investigative institutions to publicly avail their reports,” said Prof Chirwa.