Kampasa cover – up exposed

Government has imposed a total information embargo on the Kampasa land controversy in an attempt to cover up circumstances and individuals involved in the cold blooded murder of two Kampasa villagers by the Zambia National Service (ZNS).

Although Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa confirmed the arrest of some people, she could not give the details or names of those arrested and if these included the officers.

Meanwhile new revelations have emerged showing that only 20 of the 70 hectares allocated to the Kampasa villagers was demarcated and allocated by the Chongwe council contrally to a statement by Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo who said all the land was allocated by the Chongwe District Council

It is not clear who allocated the other 50 hectares given to the villagers by the ZNS.

Chongwe District Council public relations officer Namasiku Njovu said the municipal did not have anything to do with the 50 hectares the Zambia National Service had given the villagers in Kampasa.

Ms Njovu told the Daily Nation that Chongwe District Council had only administered the 20 hectors from Galun that were awarded to 227 households.

Ms Njovu said the council had already given provisional offer letters to the 227 households but had no information of how the 50 hectors were distributed.

But Ms Masebo has told the nation that after ZNS and Galuan had apportioned the land to the villagers, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), under the office of the Vice-President assumed the responsibility of dividing the land among the villagers.

Ms Masebo who featured on the Muvi Television programme the Assignment said the 20 hectares from Galun and the 50 hectares from ZNS had been distributed to the villagers by DMMU.

It would appear that in the unfolding land distribution matrix that has a fogy explanation from government, there is an attempt to cover up and protect the people behind the scandal as police have refused to name the culprits or disclose the number of suspects arrested.

Ms Kasosa when contacted could not disclose the names and number of suspects arrested only opting to give a statement that did not give any direction as to how the matter was being handled.

On Saturday, the ZNS officers who had been camped in Kampasa village raided the village, demolishing their homes and killed Bright Singogo and Phumulo Lungwangwa while derrick Nyoni was shot in the buttocks.

Ms Kasosa told the Daily Nation that should not disclose the names and the number of suspects that have been arrested because the matter was under active investigations.

The Ministry of Defence has equally remained tight-lipped and no information is being released as to who exactly pulled the trigger that killed the two villagers causing fears among the villagers in Kampasa and across the country.