No one will push me out of PF – GBM

“Individuals and organisations planning for my downfall or hound me out of the Patriotic Front (PF) government will not succeed,” says Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

The PF Kasama Central lawmaker told the Daily Nation that it was shocking to discover that some individuals and organisations were working hard to destroy his character by publishing lies and hate speech against him and his family.

He cited the recent court story in one of the newspapers where it was reported that he was ordered to pay Kr 100 000 to his former worker for assault, malicious damages and illegal detention.

“Some newspapers decided to report lies that I have been ordered by the courts to pay Kr 100 000 when it was the state ordered to pay that as compensation for illegal detention. Surely if this is not a sure way to hate and scheme for my downfall, then how do you describe the motive behind such a malicious story?

“The judgment is very clear on that matter but I was shocked to see that some people twisted everything and decided to write their own things. This scheme of trying to use newspapers to destroy me, to fight me will not work because God will not allow such an evil scheme against his people,” said Mr. Mwamba.

Mr. Mwamba has also said that such maneuvers were evil because they were being orchestrated by wicked people whose agenda was against the interests of the citizens of Zambia.

Mr. Mwamba observed that the country was bigger than any individual including himself, adding that the recent attacks on his credibility and that of his family was in contempt of natural justice.

He said that some newspapers and organizations had grouped like criminals waylaying the innocent citizenry.

Mr. Mwamba said that it was however, sad that even where the truth was available some individuals and newspapers with hate agendas had decided to peddle lies in order to discredit and paint others bad people.

And according to the judgment dated 21st May, 2013, High Court Judge Elita Mwiikisa ordered the State through the Attorney General to compensate Lewis Mulopa for wrongful detention he suffered for seven days.

Justice Mwiikisa said that she found evidence on record that Mr. Mulopa was rearrested for the same offence of theft by servant on 4th September 2000, when the same matter had already been before the courts of law.

“In quantifying the damages due to the plaintiff for malicious and illegal detention on the second arrest of 29th August 2000 to 4th September 2000 as evidenced by the police Bond recognizance. I award the plaintiff Kr100 000 which amount shall attract simple interest of 20 per cent per annum from the date of writ of summons to the date of payment into court.”

The letter by George Kunda and Company, the Lawyers for Mr. Mulopa, stated that, “We enclose herewith our bill of costs and a copy of judgment in this matter. It will be noted that the 1st  and 2nd defendants were not found liable to pay any damages to the plaintiff,

” It is only the 3rd  defendant,  the state, who will compensate the plaintiff for detaining him on second arrest. The court ordered the state to pay Mr. Mulopa and not any other party,” the letter stated in parts.