PF thugs threaten Daily Nation

The people’s Daily Nation newspaper was yesterday targeted for an attack by PF thugs after harassed mini bus drivers threatened to march to the newspaper to protest police brutality against them.

Concerned citizens however alerted the Newspaper about the impending assault. The paper in turn phoned Lusaka Police Commissioner Joyce Kasosa to report the imminent attack, she advised  management to drive to Matero police for assistance. The officer in charge was then informed of the planned attack.

The paper managed to contact Matero police officer in charge who assured management that he would send officers to the premises but did not do so.

Shocked and alarmed Journalists and other staff at the newspaper as well as management kept vigil. Newspaper Managing Editor Richard Sakala assured staff and its readers at large that no amount of intimidation would cow down the publication from doing its work professionally and as a truly people’s newspaper.

“Let them come and do whatever they want but we will not give up what we have started.

We will always endeavour to do our work professionally by producing only the truth,” said Mr Sakala.

The thugs however grew cold feet and did not show up but words of warning were received by the Newspaper that an attack would soon be launched.