MMD condemns violence

Political violence, harassment, victimization, retribution, persecution and brutal killings have become the hallmark of the government, says MMD director of communications Muhabi Lungu.

Mr Lungu said the PF government under the leadership of President Sata appeared more than determined to kill democracy and turn the country into a one party state.

He said the rule of law in Zambia had completely broken down as the PF government had delved into mutilating all institutions of good governance such as the judiciary that has suffered extreme executive pressure while the cartel holding President Sata hostage continued to purge lawyers and Judges perceived to be hostile to their ambitions.

Mr Lungu said the political environment in Zambia had become extremely tense and frightening as the government continued cracking down on its citizens to stifle their views and freedoms of association and assembly.

“The PF government has exhibited a propensity of disregarding the rule of law and has adopted the rule of power as a way of governing the country. The PF government has with impunity and arrogance disregarded court orders and rulings on several occasions and this is leading the country to chaos,” said Mr Lungu

He told the Daily Nation from Feira that President Sata has accepted and condoned the culture of political violence, harassment, retribution, lawlessness and barbaric killings of  his own citizens with glee, adding that  it was saddening that first republican President Kenneth Kaunda had decided to join forces with the PF regime to destroy democracy in Zambia.

He said President Sata, through his clique of surrogate rulers had completely undermined the judiciary and the legislature by embarking on poaching of opposition MPs so that he could have the arrogance of numbers to pass any kind of laws even if they would be draconian.

Mr Lungu said the PF desire to paint former President Rupiah Banda as a bad guy here at home and at international level had extensively damaged the good image the country has had since it reverted to multiparty politics.

He said the current unfriendly political environment has adversely affected the performance of the economy as many investors felt threatened by the manner the PF government was dealing with issues of foreign investment.

“The political environment in Zambia has become volatile, tense and frightening as our democracy is fast being killed. The culture of political violence, harassment, victimization, lawlessness and brutal killings of citizens has become the hallmark of President Sata and the PF administration.

“No one should wonder why President Sata has remained silent over the many vices his thugs have been perpetrating because the man condones these vices. They took every opportunity to condemn president Banda for every little wrong that happened and Mr Banda would quickly condemn the violence or would command the cadres involved to apologize. This is not happening under President Sata,” Mr Lungu said.

He said the MMD was not happy that the former president Banda was being victimized and humiliated by the PF regime purely to satisfy the egos of a selected clique who have had a long standing vendetta against the former Head of State.

Mr Lungu said high prices of basic and essential commodities such as mealie and fuel caused by the impromptu removal of subsidies were causing a lot of hardships in communities.

He said Zambia’s economy was slowly melting down because of the poor governance record of the government that had seen it prudent to undermine and disregard democratic tenets.